Sunday, 11 March 2007

Oh what a night!!!

chellejamo, binrow and gypsy angel

webgod, Ms_Zane and me "Miss Cropalot

The beautiful Scrapwitch

the lot of us out the front of Hog's

er..yea self explanatory

and the toilet doors, i thought they were great! lol

Well, I had the most awesomenight that Ihave had in a LOOOOOONG time!! Some net buddies came up from NSW and the gorgeous Ms Zane and her DH had organised a night at the Hog's Breath at Mermaid and it totally rocked my world!! i was soooo excited...that is after I got over the fact that I was terrified of meeting new people!! but that is the key word here..PEOPLE! they are real, down to earth AWESOME peole!!

I cannot wait till the end of April when I go on the Tamborine retreat with many of the QLD is going to ROCK!!!