Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Lotus Sutra

I feel so many different emotions when I listen to that normal?? half way through I feel like having a big hardcore cry?! wt??

Friday, 26 November 2010

Scrap N Craft with T has a sale on! Get in quick because at the prices Tan has got them to, there'll be nothing left soon!!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Scrap the Girls NOVEMBER challenge

This was a great challenge! I can't believe I actually did it lol. to quote scrap the girls ...

This month we have a “Bits and Pieces” challenge for you to complete….

The rules are to use every piece of the puzzle ONCE ONLY! you can't add anything else to your page aside from the elements, they represent all the patterned papers, photos and embellishments - (exception to this rule is your base page does not count as a puzzle piece and you can add a title, ink, stitching, paint & glimmermist ;))

the stars can represent ANY embellishment, the heart must be used as a heart, the circles must be used as circles - it is up to you how big or small they are, or what they are!

The puzzle pieces are obviously not to scale, it is completely up to you what size you want to make them.

and here is my effort...

The heart on the white card is actually made from cardstock, so it's one of the 'stars' in the puzzle .
Please excuse my photography, I've had to use my iPhone to take the pic as none of the cameras in the house have batteries ARGH!!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

My favourite song of the moment

I hate this

I hate it because it's always the way. The one at fault gets least amount of suffering. Sure he got a fine but I bet he has the type of job that pays the fine amount per day...someone who thinks they have a right to not give a rats about other people...real people!

I know a lot of people who might read my blog already are smart enough to NOT use their phone while driving...but if you day this will happen to will end up causing a bad's only a matter of's WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY! think back to the days before mobile phones - whatever it was it could wait! use this theory today...if it's rining and it distracts you...turn it off before you start the car - it can wait!
you don't want what is in this video on your conscience!

I love this

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Love Bon Scott

Soooo jealous of Murray right now...even though Bon is gone (but not forgotten!) I'm still jealous that Murray is seeing AC/DC AS I WRITE THIS!!! ARGH!!!! So I got a bit (OMG phone is ringing...)

OMG!!! Murray just rang me just then hahaha....I could hear it live...oh wow...he must be loving it!!! I'm so happy for him!!! he txt me earlier to say he was as close to the stage as our house is to the road...which is about 100 metres...which a crowd as big as it is, is actually pretty close!!!!!!!

anyways...back to what I was doing...

check out those shorts!! ZOMG!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

MY CJ for SM swap

Here is my album I have made for the CJ swap I'm hosting for 2010.
Enjoy :D (photos never do any justice! UGH!)
COVER "A Fabulous Era"

Instruction page

My two pages to get the ball rolling lol...

And the inside back cover for photos!! yes ladies you need to put a teensy photo of yourself *poke tongue* lol...

Till next time :D

Friday, 15 January 2010

Just one to share

This was Ness's digi challenge over at scrapchat... I was happy with it. The kit I used was 'Express Yourself ' from Shabby Princess enjoy!

Till next time!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

some stuff i've been making...

I am planning on havng a market stall in a few weeks...somewhere somehow lol...but thought i'd show them off here. If there's anything you want just email me
The blue sets are denim and mounted on chipboard (the hearts are)
the red flowers are all made from Macrosuede. The one that has leaves...the leaves are actually GREEN not BLUE! it's the way they scanned that's all...

now I'm off back to bed - not feeling really well today...

Friday, 8 January 2010

Well...first post for the new year YAY! lol. I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and NYE. We stayed home. We didn't end up going camping because we couldn't get my eldest daughter and her frind in they were that booked. (They can only have a certain amount of people per acre) But it's all good, we'll go when it's a little more quiet and we can pretty much have the place to ourselves LOL!! NYE was a good one. We finally got the bar my brother was making for us! We had to finish it - long story and I won;t go into it online...but here it is all done and ready to have collectibles added ... well the first pic is a progress photo, we pretty much got it as just a frame - but it's hardwood and VERY FREAKIN HEAVY! We decided against using fine corrogated iron - too many others have it like we went with good old cheap and nasty fence pailings and stained them...TELL ME THEY LOOK BAD? I think not!!!

This is all the panels on and the oil staining begins...

And this is Murray finishing the oiling...

THEN there's me having a NYD breakfast drink LOL! Just kidding! that bottle was empty! hehehe...

I've finally got back into scrapping. I have tidied my scrap shack once again, and it is again a bit more comfortable a place to be in. It is just a tin shed it's quite 'tacky' but I'm hoping I can work out some way to jazz it up a bit, without it costing too much as it's a rental place - so no permanent fixing up!! I created this LO for a dear member of Scrapchat and her family. This page is the one going to Finland to Lizzy's DIL's mother.

And this is the page for Lizzy...

I have also done the card sketch challenge at Scrapchat

I will be posting quite frequently as my household chores become more organised and I actually have time to scrap. I've decided also that I will just scan all my work as it seems to be quicker and I can do it any time of the day LOL!!! Taking photos of stuff was just a PITA to me...hence why not a great deal of my scrapping was ever posted though...

I am also hosting a CJ swap for 2010 at Scrapbooking Memories . I am very excited about this, and the group we have in the circle seems to be a great one! This year will be a great one for EVERYTHING in my life! I hope it is for all of you too!!!!