Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Yep. we've got it! Murray sold his beloved Harley the week before last...a sad sad day for us both! I cried and cried so much!! Good thing was the guy who bought it took it home on a horse float, so we didn't have to listen to it ride away for the last time. We will get another by Christmas anyway, so it's not too hard to handle lol. The day it left Murray needed retail therapy and decided camping gear was the way to go, so then the children can get into it too - going out on the bike, as wonderful as it is/was , we always had to leave the kids out...at least this way they enjoy what we enjoy.
So, Thursday afternoon we had a couple of grand worth of new camping gear, Saturday we left to head out to Flanagan Reserve for the week - the kids had the first week of school off for this. We had a wonderful time...I took a lot of photos (about 600!) I also had a film camera out there that I have to get done. I am planning on an entire scrap album for just this week of camping LOL...I'll post pics of the album...pics are taking too long to upload to here grrr.... BUT one pic I will upload right now is the new tattoo I got yesterday...HE LET ME DO IT !! YAY!!! lol....It's a pretty large pic if you click on it it'll open a bigger image in the same window, so hit the back button if you want to come back to the blog ;) (i learnt that the hard way lol)

It's on my outer right ankle, and I just LOVE it!!

We've left our tents up there for the week, and are heading back for this long weekend.

I better get going, nearly time to get the kidlets from school!!

Till next time xxx