Sunday, 22 September 2013

The future of our garden and health, and an overseas trip!

Well, again it's been a couple of weeks. I'm just gonna NEVER ever say "I'll try to update every [insert time frame] " pfft. Let's face it, I'm unreliable with my blog. I'll be completely honest and say, don't hold your breath for the next instalment ... it might be a while :-/ . Because my posts at times are few and far between, I try to make what I do post, somewhat interesting!!

I read a post on a blog the other day that had me literally laughing out loud!! I hope it's ok that I link to it, but I really think it's an entertaining piece. Be warned there is a few words which some may find offensive... I don't, like I said, I thought it was freaking hilarious!!! Find it here -> Me and my menstrual cup I have used my new one that mum bought me in Finland recently and it is so nice to have a brand new one after ten or so years!! I love how much I've save in $ over the years though!!

We had some very upsetting news about 6 weeks ago. Murray's mum had had a stroke in Invercargill NZ. This meant only one thing... the next few days were going to be a blur! Muz hadn't renewed his passport when it expired in 2011. This meant chasing up an emergency NZ passport, booking tickets, packing for cold weather... it seemed so familiar to us, having gone through a similar event last year. Within two days Muz had his passport, his flight booked for the Thursday next, and he was packed. Finally, it was time to go. I would miss my Muz so very much, but we also knew that I could hold the fort at home while he tended to his mother. A week later we had decided that we were moving to NZ to take care of mum. The kids were ecstatic! Well, not my eldest daughter, she was a bit upset, because she didn't want to come with us, and she didn't want us to 'take her siblings away to another country!" With my parents still in Finland at the time I didn't want to tell them... but eventually I had to and mum was crushed!! Poor thing! as it turns out, Murray's mum wanted to move to Australia to be with us :) yay for everyone! except my second eldest ... she is now 'punishing me' by getting a piercing.  On what planet would putting oneself through pain punishing another?  LOL I said OK go for it, it hurts YOU not me... and it's your teeth it'll ruin, but whatever!! needless to say it hasn't happened yet - mama wins again! lol

So we're back. I went to NZ for 12 days just to help Muz, while my mum stayed in our house to take care of our kiddies and house duties. I sat with his mum while he did some running around and tied up loose ends for his mum. The stroke has done quite a bit of damage, mentally, and physically on the left side. We are very grateful that the outcome wasn't worse, and that she is in great spirits. She isn't a cranky person by nature, and this hasn't turned anything like that around. She's great fun, even if she does forget the name of today. I mean who cares right??? It's nice to have her here, and she is so far from a burden. And even if she was, she would still be here with us, because that's what family do. She spent a good part of her life looking after her son, now, he said, it's his turn to look after her :) and rightly so too!

Right. So in the back yard of the house that Muz grew up were daffodils. the most fragrant and beautiful daffies I have ever seen!! Muz ' father was a keen garden and had a green house (obviously! Invercargill can have temperatures of 18 degrees celsius...on a "hot day" lol ) and in the green house he grew vegetables and salads. I saw photos and was inspired!! Murray said he wanted to build me a green house... to be able to grow vegies here you HAVE to protect them from those furry, four legged, eat-everything-your-garden assholes that piss me off to no end, but I can't say that because one of Muz' mates is a wildlife carer  possums! At the moment I have two tomato plants in an old parrot cage to protect them. I hope they go insane trying to get my yellow grape sized tomatoes!! Anyways, I want to build a green house using recycled windows and doors... Murray said he knew exactly what he wanted to do. I think I will challenge him. It might be fun...and we'll have TWO in the end!! haha. I must remember to take progression photos to share. I have been browsing Pinterest for ideas. I'd like to be able to share our successes and failures (maybe! lol) with the intent of being helpful to someone else on the www :) 

We also have given our bedroom to Muz' mum, which means transforming our formal dining room into our bedroom :) I can't wait for that!!!!! 

well anyways. I do apologise for the mundane post. Dont' forget about me though... xxx If you are reading this, thank you :) and congrats hahaha