Sunday, 26 August 2007

LOs to share

because I won't be scrapping during the week so I can really concentrate on mmy studies and assignments, I have been scrapping this weekend!

Here is one LO that I am really really proud of...
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and this too...
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Friday, 24 August 2007

more pics from NSW

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What a trip!!

On Friday 17th August at 6am my girls and I left home for a trip to NSW! we swung by my mum's house to pick her up too - girls weekend away!!
We left South Bris at around 6.30 am, to begin our 10+ hour trip. I had told the girls NOT to ask 'are we there yet?" for at least 10 HOURS...they started it in .. now where was the first q? hmm I think it was around Ballina? which is only three hours into the trip! little brats but they did it to be funny I'm sure!
The scenery along the way was divine! Mum was in heaven driving past and over the rivers. She loves her fishing, my mum, so seeing any water will drift her off into fishing world! lol.
We only saw TWO police cars the WHOLE way there...amazingly.
Coming in to Bulahdelah I was just waiting to see the piano rock that's on Mt Tambourine...I swear the scenery was EXACTLY the same...what do you think? (for thiose who know Mt Tambo that is! ;) )
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cool huh?!
We spent the Friday night at 'aunty' Lyn's (not a blood relative but awesome enough to call her aunty LOL) This is the scene through the wondow of the room that my girls and I were in...
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Ahhh blissful. I always loved visiting Bill and Lyn when I was little. So very peaceful around that area. Lyn cooked a wonderful meal for us. We went to bed early because we still had the drive to Pam's the Saturday morning. Mum stayed with Lyn while I went with my girls to Gosford.

I was quite pleased with myself for not getting lost...till we got to..uh...well I'm not exactly sure where we were, but an excellently timed call from Pam and we were on our way (thanks Loz for the directions! lol) Then when we got closer to Pam's I had to call her for help. We were only one street away! YAY!! the party was about to really begin! lol. Pam gave me a beer to get me started, then another then it was off to take some cool pics near some awesome [yet odd] carved stones...
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I won't post all the pics, but if anyone can tell me what this horse (below) is doing, please do so!! LMAO!!
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Went back to Pam's via the bottle-o...then after that it's pretty much just a bunch of scrap buddies having an excellent time. Loz was amazing! 20 LOs she got done...I was sat next to her and was totally scared! Such an inspiration. Then I had Scrapwitch on the other side of me, who is equally intimidating in the arts department! needless to say I got NOTHING done except a couple of pages for my NSW album, and a LO of Jim Morrison...might have helped if I had photos with me! GRRR what a dick I am eh? had everything else bar the most important thing!!! idiot! lol

Crazymumm, Leababy, kata, scrapalot, webbgod, scrapwitch, and all rock!!! it was amazing to meet you all, and I can't wait to hang out with you guys one day again! thanks so much for having me Pam. You are too too kind, and you have a beautiful family. We really enjoyed being there.
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The above photo of me witch and our girls was taken on witch's camera...hope you don't mind me posting it here witch?!

The trip home was not too bad considering it POURED with rain all the way from Pam's to Pacific Palms, then from there to Ballina, after Ballina the rain was a bit lighter, but still rain!
Got home at ten thirty Monday night, and although we had a really wonderfully awesome weekend I have to admit it was good to be home!
I missed my boys...Pam's boys are so adorable, as are all the kidlets that I met ...

I hope one day I have a house big enough to accommodate interstate visitors!!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Pay it forward...

What an awesome idea this is. I found out about this gypsyangel's blog.

Here are the rules:
The first three people to comment here (who would like to be involved in the Pay It Forward Challenge) will receive a handmade gift from me. All you have to do is keep the fun challenge going by agreeing to create three handmade gifts for three more people...SO, if you would like a gift hand made by me, just be one of the first 3 to pop in a comment!! :)

EASY PEASY! So if you would like to join in, add your comment, the first 3 get a handmade gift or card from me, and then you post the same thing on your blog (just copy and paste the rules)and keep paying it forward.

Please comment!!