Saturday, 10 March 2012

Remember me?

Well hello blog world!!
I am back in the land of blogging and believe it or not scrapbooking too!
I have cleaned my scrap room - it was OVERLOADED with cardboard boxes and paper, in the hopes of actually doing more papier mache *sigh* I really am hopeless aren't I lol.
Last year I got a wonderful gift from my father - A MACBOOK PRO!!!! OMG I was like OMG!!!!! haha. I love it so so much!!! I will NEVER EVER buy another computer that runs on Windows YUCKY! I still have to deal with them though because Jaana inherited the old laptop and the desk top will then be passed on to Trent, however I am seriously considering putting Ubuntu onto it. We'll see.

The dogs and I had fun cleaning out the room. There was crap everywhere - even bags of clothes that we were getting rid of... we live in the bush and when the rain starts who decides to make our house a home? Bloody field mice! ARGH!!! so that was it! I loaded the ute with all my hoarded stuff (mice and all OOPS!) went to the dump!!

Now my room is nice again and Murray is promising to fix the holes in the walls and painting it yay! the only thing is I don't get to choose the colour :( I don't think?? He might just have some left over paint from when he was working, hopefully it's white and I can convince him to tint it for me! Any colour suggestions?? I'm a little bit into feng shui, so what do you think would be a good colour scheme for a craft room?? I have no idea!

A little share of a layout I did last night (well actually TWO!)
This is for Alz March challenge at Scrapchat

And this is one I did just because :)

Take care,
I will leave with a quote -

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. ~Twyla Tharp

till next time!