Saturday, 14 April 2012

well I'll be yarned!!

Hahha. Hello blog world, long time no see!
I have been going through my usual knitting craze - well it's 'that time of the year' for me! BUT my beautiful ex MIL gave me a how to crochet magazine a hook and a ball of yarn and OMG!! am I obsessed with crochet now? well, yes, yes I am! here are some of my creations for friends and family...

Would be cool to make some money out of it, but I can't work under pressure - like, I can't do orders.... I might just make stuff and put it on FB with a FOR SALE sign hahahaha

The Easter holidays have been good. So relaxing just sitting at home. I really like not having to fight over lunches and socks *sigh* but Monday it's back on!! LOL

Anyways... I'm off to crochet some more teehee.... I will post more of my adventures when I take pics. the above is only a smidge of what I have made in the past couple of weeks (I only leaned to crochet a month ago maybe three weeks :)

Take care!!! Feel free to comment :)