Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dogs, children and ...and wine LOL

Dogs (not old ones!) Well Murray has been looking at a dog for himself. He found one - a gorgeous puppy called Reuben. He is a Neo mastiff (a neo pet ?lol) But unfortunately we didn't have the right training to adopt him :( because he is such a big dog we had to have special training.
Ain't he cute?!

Children - Jaana was badged yesterday with her sport house captain badge!! It is such a good looking badge this year. So very proud of her and her bestie was badged a captain for another house... rivals in sport best friends in every other way! (our Jaana is on the left)

Wine - (not watermelon wine! lol) I had two glasses of Moscato (kiss and tell) and all of a sudden I got the worse anxiety attack I'd ever had! It was scary! Doubled over with a pain in my chest that went round to my back. I felt like I was being crushed! I got over it about 15 minutes later after a hot shower. terrible terrible feeling and from where? I have no stress?! how bizarre!!!

And what the hell are these??
As soon as they felt any vibration near them all their little tail ends would start moving up and down like fish ROFL so funny! The chickens wouldn't eat them either... I wonder what exactly they turn into?! are they case moth caterpillars anyone know??

*SHRUG* beats me!

and now a scrappy share. A few cards I have made in the past week...

Monday, 7 March 2011

OMG great news!

As a lot of you know, the Scrapbooking Memories Forum had problems over the weekend... sadly I think it put a lot of people off joining in.
Cass Bellemore has emailed me and is working with IT to fix the PLEASE stay tuned this week for more details but I have a funny feeling this weekend is going to be awesome ;)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Scrapping today woohoo!

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up my craft room so that today I can prepare some example LOs for the cybercrop I am hosting at Scrapbooking Memories this weekend. Cassie Bellemore, the lovely Assistant Editor at SM, has kindly put together some awesome prizes for the four challenges, and I will supply a small gift to the winners of the games we play. I can't wait. Though as it stands it looks like there will only be a handful of people there...maybe people don't know about it, or perhaps they have no faith in me...either way, I hope I pull it off!

I have been looking at alternative sites to sell things. eBay is getting too silly with their fees! even though there is possibly not a single soul in the universe that hasn't heard of would think fees would lower the more sellers they have but oh no! I guess this is how the rich get richer right? I really shouldn't gripe... good luck to them, I'm moving on to find my own way to make riches rofl. I found quicksales (formerly known as Oztion)is a much better place to sell, the fees are possibly on par now (but I doubt it, I haven't sold anything there for ages!) but the thing I like about it is that you put credit onto your account BEFORE you sell anything...and it stays there forever if you don't use it. I put $20 on it when I opened my account (what...about 7 years ago no!) and I still have left over credit from selling a few things over the years. The bad thing about it? hardly anyone knows about it! well it feels that way anyway when your selling. Great for buying!'s almost a given that you won't be outbid on anything LOL... take the time to check it out, and spread the word!!! It's all Australian too...which I really like!!

Our cat, Luka, had her kittens on the last day of Summer. She had her first at about 7am, the sixth at about 10am...and the seventh 'born sleeping' at about 9pm. They are too cute!! Mostly black and white...not sure how that happened...guess the feral dad was black and white (no really! the father is a feral cat from the bush!). We are wanting to keep a male from the litter, get him desexed and find a home for all the others, including the mother. It might sound cruel or nasty or whatever...but to be quite honest, the mother was not meant to be with us in the first place, she just 'missed the boat' when it came time to taking the litter from our last female to new homes...the cheeky kitten took the bolt and hid int he bush till the next I guess she stayed while her mother got a new home. After having a desexed male cat, who we sadly lost to a paralysis tick last year, we have decided we like male cats better than female ones... males seem to be more affectionate and a lot less moody!

well anyways after all this babble...I better get the kids off to school!

till later