Saturday, 27 February 2010

Love Bon Scott

Soooo jealous of Murray right now...even though Bon is gone (but not forgotten!) I'm still jealous that Murray is seeing AC/DC AS I WRITE THIS!!! ARGH!!!! So I got a bit (OMG phone is ringing...)

OMG!!! Murray just rang me just then hahaha....I could hear it live...oh wow...he must be loving it!!! I'm so happy for him!!! he txt me earlier to say he was as close to the stage as our house is to the road...which is about 100 metres...which a crowd as big as it is, is actually pretty close!!!!!!!

anyways...back to what I was doing...

check out those shorts!! ZOMG!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

MY CJ for SM swap

Here is my album I have made for the CJ swap I'm hosting for 2010.
Enjoy :D (photos never do any justice! UGH!)
COVER "A Fabulous Era"

Instruction page

My two pages to get the ball rolling lol...

And the inside back cover for photos!! yes ladies you need to put a teensy photo of yourself *poke tongue* lol...

Till next time :D