Monday, 28 February 2011


I have put up the roll call thread and the pre-cc chatter thread :D at Scrapbooking Memories Forum :D :D

Hope to see you there!!! SM has racked up some excellent prizes too!!

Later tonight I will be putting up the schedule for the weekend :D

Friday, 18 February 2011

A scrappy share and a CC in there!

I am so excited to b typing this new entry on my new laptop...ahem...our new laptop ... I needed to anew keyboard you see and so I called Murray while he worked yesterday to say I was going to go look at what they have at Officeworks. His response to this was that he would pick up a new keyboard and mouse for me because he had time. Okie doke thank you :D Then I get a text telling me about some laptop he was looking at. I really didn't expect him to come home with it lol. He is so spontaneous I love it!! So here I am typing on the new keyboard!!! I relaly should be doing housework and I will but I am watching Charmed also so when that episode ends I will get off this beautiful laptop and get a move on!!

I want to share the February Sketch challenge posted at Scrapchat I enjoyed doing this one. It was a lovely day :)

The translation is not perfect but it's get the picture anyways...and yes I know there is a spelling error too but ya git that right?! lol

Have a happy scrappy wonderful day and don't forget the CC I am hosting next weekend at Scrapbooking Memories!! I have been sent photos of FOUR prizes that the lovely Cass has rounded up for the challenges too! Getting close now! Gosh I hope I can pull this one off!!! are you all in to support me?? I sure hope so!
Here is a hint-->Look here

I look forward to a relaxing weekend this weekend...apart from going out FINALLY to get our tent and other gear from the camp grounds...yes they have been there since mid DECEMBER!! bout time we brought it home eh? lol

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I bloody made a mistake just now...I read a spoiler forgetting the US has already run season 3 in its entirety ... grrrr but it's something I'd hoped would happen so it's all good LOL...

OK till next time!!!

February Scrap the girls challenge

Find the challenge here
And here is my interpretation :D


Saturday, 5 February 2011


so much for the daily entries lol.
It has been so hot here! I'm really happy that there were no fatalities in TCYasi. Amazingly! It was a cat5 for so long...and ten times the size of TCTracy in 74...yet Tracy was far worse IMO. There were many many lives lost and so much more structural carnage than Yasi. Yasi's eye was bigger than Tracy in its entirity (Tracy was 100kms across) and that is one big mutha of a TC! We all thought RIP to so many towns including Cairns but yet Tully copped the brunt of it, and there were towns with a lot of damage but not nearly as much as predicted. I guess in these days people are more aware and the technology that goes into constructing buildings to make them TC proof is far more developed than that of the 70s.

I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday and I'm so in love with my new do! So much lighter - in colour and weight! lol.

Don't forget to sit scrapbooking memories for the CYBER CROP I'll be running there in the very beginning of March!! visit...bookmark...visit DAILY!!! Newbies are wanted!! It is your gateway to some very true friendships!! The SM forum isn't so private, so don't blurt out your personals - well none that you wouldn't on a blog! lol... but there are so many members that are members of more close knit was my gateway to a 'scrap family' that I owe so much to, for being there for me and forgiving me for stoopid things I did in the past. Truly truly beautiful people!! I love you one and all at SCRAPCHAT!
Well I'm off to make another coffee and surf the net for a bit. I will update with photos on Monday!
Until then...
Be happy, be loyal and always have hope :D