Wednesday, 21 January 2009

cats are OKAY!

Just wanted to let anyone who cares know, Siren is fine now. I have weaned the kittens, much to the dismay off both mother and babies however it is 4 the best. I'm really glad she pulled through ok, and that we decided against forking out thousands to have her in vet hospital...if she got worse we would have, but we saved heaps NOT taking her, and just feeding her divetalax 4 a day. She is doing great!! almost 100% now.

I had my nails redone on Monday because they were SHIT! now they are really good, not as long and they didn't charge me to have the coloured tips, must have felt bad about the crap job! Maybe I might take up doing nails- the place I go to does courses...hmmm...I dunno yet... maybe not, I think I might have arthritis in my thumb :(

Don't 4get the CC at A PASSION for CRAFT!!!! check it out and BE THERE!! it runs 4 a week, which is FABULOUS!!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

what a CATastrophe!

Just a really quick one 4 now. On Saturday we had to have a kitten put down because she had a broken back - I really don't want to say how but let's just say children with kittens on beds are not safe!...then last night mother cat ATE the euthanaised kitten - dug it up and ate it. So now she is really sick. Falling over all over the place, and really desperate to get in to her other kittens. I can't let her feed them again, the solution will pass through her milk. Such a terrible tragedy is among us right now. It's almost as if she is half paralysed sad to watch...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

in my garden

i was a busy garden bee yesterday! lol. I didn't get a b4 shot though oh well nevermind. I have so many bromeliads all over the place here that I can afford to move them around a bit! lol.
and this is behind the pond, I still have more than half to weed!!

The pond will be filled in and we are going to make a rockery and put in a few succulents too...maybe cacti....not really sure yet!

And this is the scrap shack 'front yard' it will be transformed very soon, and will have a sign that reads "Surf Shack' as we have an old mal board that we'll add in as a feature. The front will be completely rid o the weeds and have sand and other textures in it. I really can't wait to get these projects underway!! I need that weed killer MURRAY!!! lol as you can see it will be a BIG job! the front of the shack will be painted to look rustic...Murray can take care of that being a painter n' all! lol (so much for scrapping eh?? lol) oh and if anyone knows where I can find these things......PLEASE let me know! they don't have to be new, but they HAVE to be CHEAP! lol I don't want them too damaged though kwim?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Monday, 12 January 2009

blond again

Just thought I'd share a pic of my new hair colour. Of course I will have it done again and again until it's pure blonde all over, but slowly slowly...My friend Liz streaked it for me on Saturday.
what do you think?? My mum will love it - she said "That black was absolutely terrible!" lol. And of course Murray likes it...he has a thing for blondes, which is halff the reason I DIDN"T change it till now...even though I was planning on doing it before I even MET him! lol

Like my shirt?? hahaha

Saturday, 10 January 2009

We have possums!!

I guess this could be a daily photo hehe. One of them is named Scab because she snatches food. We haven't hand fed them here yet, but Liz does at her place every night and we've fed them up there, so hooefully it won't take long for them to realise who we are lol.

I'm getting my hair done today!! Murray asked me if i can go back to blonde after three motnhs I decided stuff it why not! Mum is stoked too lol. I will post a pic later on or Monday depending on what we are doing this weekend! lol

Thursday, 8 January 2009


OK so I out up a blog entry earlier, my apologies to those who read it...I did not realise Lyn has extended it YAY!!!

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dinner, babies and my name in ants??

LOL. Well I had a good day yesterday. Pottering about the house. Poor Murray, his legs are killing him - he had to cut in (?) 4 houses on monday and he was squattng and standing and squatting and standing alllll day ...poor bloke. It's not one of those pains you can massage out either :( He is better today...sorta lol.
We had a lovely dinner last night. Tony shouted Murray and I Chinese at a little restaurant in Waterford. I grew up there and that place has been there for as long as I can remember but I've NEVER been there prior. Really really good food! We had a 'banquet' lots of typical chinese stuff but all so fresh! Had to laugh at my fortune cookie "Trust him but keep your eyes open" ?? WT? Katrina (Tony's niece) got the same one lol...

I took my 1st pic for the 365 thingy yesterday. It's not of me but my name in ants lol...let me show might have to click on the image to see a bigger one

It's this honey smelling stuff called Ant

Oh I transferred a couple of pics from my phone earlier too... I really like this one...makes me fleetingly wish I'd have met Murray 13 years ago...

It's Murray with Oscar, Tony's grandson, when oscar was only a week or two old...

ho hum...well anyways, I had better get going, I've done no housework yet today, which is unlike me but I guess I don't have dinner dishes today lol.
Till next time people! Enjoy your summer day!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Photo a day challenge...

Well, I have just been reading a thread started by Chillibits over at A Passion for Craft forum. I am going to do mine the same as I attempted last year, with a photo of myself everyday for 365 days. I want to see how I change...have to say, I can't wait till February!!! I will have new teef!!! lol I will get my first one up tomorrow morning.

On another note - we have kittens!! Siren gave birth to 6 kittens three days before Christmas! One didn't make it but 5 are doing really well. THree are grey like her, one is more black striped and the other is a tortoise shell lol. She just came to me about two minutes ago with one of them in her mouth jumped up on the computer table! now she is whingeing!! WTF is she doing?? she is a weirdo! I will take a couple of pics later on of those too lol.

Yesterday I saw something really pretty in the pond....but turns out something so damn ugly created the pretties...have you ever seen CANE TOAD eggs?? there was about 5 metres of them! Yep all one big long line, just black dots in a gel casing - looked a lot like a beaded necklace. I put them in to sun to dry out. How can such beauty come from such a hideous creature?? lol.

Today I have a pain in my back. I don't know what I've done but I know my neck is getting stiffer and stiffer, and later wil come the migraine. Good thing the kids are at mums lol.

anyways, I better go, I may be back later lol

Oh I will add new blogs to my list too, so check em out if you get a chance!

Monday, 5 January 2009

ok ok one more post 4 today lol


A Passion for Craft

NEW CHIPBOARD!!! BTW it's all on my wishlist yunno feel free!! ;) LMAO! j/k

how cute is this?!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Time 4 change

My life has changed so I think today I will try to change my blog background too! lol.
I noticed in the blog feed thingy I have had someone from FINLAND read my blog...NICE!!! Please comment - in Finnish if u like, I do speak and understand Finnish -'s limited but I can always ask my mum LOL!!

Yesterday we went for a ride, ooooooh it was soooo great! I really need to start taking the camera with me when we go on these trips. See Every fortnight the kids go with their dad for the day and we get to go out. I cannot believe his form yesterday!! Far out he's game I'll give him that much! See a few years ago I reeeeeeeally wanted to get some weirdass contacts - red ones like Manson (teehee) but never had the $. Well what did the tard turn up with yesterday? uh huh. ones. *sigh* really I should have turned them down. He reckons he bought them THEN went to get his eyes checked to see if he can wear them? well apparently he can't because his right eye was split open a few years ago (a mate smashed his face when he cheated on me LOL) and they stiched his eye with too many stitches yea he can't open his eye enough to get a contact in. Murray said not to use them cuz god knows what he might have put in the solution, and I won't use them, but I reminded Murray that I'm pretty sure the tard wouldn't have the balls to fuck me over, knowing who Murray is LOL! he's like yea well.
So over that BS, we started out on the bike. Went to a mate's place to meet the others, (there was 5 bikes - apparently any more than 5 (or is it 6??) bikes in a pack is classed as a 'gang' so we normally only go in packs of 5, just so as not to draw attention of the coppers lol) then we headed out first through Logan Village up to Mt Tamborine...ah what a mountain...had lunch at St Bernard's pub...DON'T buy the steak sandwich!! OMFG! For 18 bux you get a steak and salad on a f*cking garlic bread roll!! what the hell is that?? nothing on the menu about it at all!! Murray and Jockey have high cholestorol, and they both got one. We did complan...Murray tried to be a bit polite about when the chef came out - "ummm, this 'sandwich' is ..." jockey cut in - "shit mate! feel the weight of this bloody thing! must have heaps of butter on it eh?" ROFFL so we all chimed in our complaints - me with "so when you reprint your menus in the morning (they had photocopies of the menu on white A4 paper - how unprofessional! lol) make sure you write something about the fact that it's on garlic bread, cuz if we'd have known they wouldn't have been ordered!!" there was 4 ordered at our table, and I reckon if Murray and I shared we BOTH would have been pretty full. I ordered 'quiche of the day' which was a quiche smaller than a muffin with chips and a bowl of CLOVER! bwahahaaa. would have been okay 'cept it cost $16.50! bloody rude I thought....but that's part of the experience I guess!
Then from there we went to Canungra pub to have a drink and play a couple of games of Keno. Nice little pub I s'pose. Then we popped in to the final meeting point at my old drinking hole , age pre-twenties lol, Fitzy's - formerly known as The Waterford Arms Tavern. It's changed a helluva lot! Still ok though I guess. Then we came home and had to go pick the kids up from the plaza, apparently there were no more buses to our street. They had fun, we had fun...a perfect day for all.
Today mum is coming to get the kids for a few days. Today I have heaps of washing - have had the housework done since 6am - Murray went back to work today and had a 4.40 start EEEEEK! but it's all good. He might finish earlier in the day perhaps.
Then tomorrow I will be helping a mate clean her house for her guests arriving on the 8th.

Till next time!