Friday, 24 June 2011

For the dogs

Well we had a friend of ours who is a carpenter, build us an enclosure out the back yard for our dogs. It's kinda small BUT it's really just to stop them from running over to the neighbour's place every chance they get!! Jasper and Matilda come inside the house with us for the night, well in winter anyways, as they do not have a kennel as yet. They aren't unhappy there because in the morning when it's time to go outside they run straight to the gate of the 'pen' as we call it (horrid word but it'll do till we figure out a nick name for it lol) They do have fun in there, and they have a few bones and toys too to keep them occupied. Also I take them for their walk daily down the driveway too ... FYI our driveway is about half a km so it's a km walk we do ;) so a half decent walky hehe Here's Jasper ... don't be deceived by the sad look... it's not the pen he was upset with it was Mati LOL she was being an annoying psycho

I have been searching for home made treats for them too, and came across these...

don't they look yummy?
I found them HERE I think I might make some later on today.

Murray is at work and didn't tkae lunch so I'll head out to have lunch with him ... might just have to visit Olley's fruit market while I'm out that way.

I have added a few more Shabrics products to my quicksales, see them ->HERE

Today is the last day of term for the kids, and I'm really looking forward to the break. Mika got his assignment finished - year two and he gets an assignment? lol. And he is quite proud of it as I am of him! It was a report on Leopards and it was the homework for the whole term... we crammed it though to the last week - OOPS! bad mummy! Mika also has a little girlfriend - the most adorable little girl! Her name is Brianna and they've known each other since birth!
I have a couple of photos of them together but I won't put them up until I talk with her mum... not sure how she'd feel about her daughter's pic being free to the public on the www :-/

Well that's about it for now. I'm off to get a bit of housework done (not that there is much... thanks FlyLady!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I remembered my 'promise I'll update daily but didn't' blog

Hello out there :D
What an ordeal we have been through lately. Murray went into hospital on Monday night two weeks ago with pneumonia and asthma and left to come home last Saturday with COPD and type 2 diabetes! OMG! He was so very sick. His oxygen levels were down to the high 80s which is pretty bad, and he was just all in all one messed up puppy. But with the professionals at Logan Hospital and support of family he has come out a better happier person YAY! He had the last week off work and has gone back as of yesterday ... well yesterday I didn't want him to go, actually I really didn't want him to go back till Monday but Murray is a stress-er and a worker... and as the man of the house he takes his job as provider very seriously! I'm just so happy that he is finally getting the right treatment for ailments we didn't even know he had!

Mum and dad have been awesome through all this too. Dad came to cut down a tree and split wood so we'd have warmth while Murray was in hospital. He was funny actually - he put the ride-on away and locked up the shed and did little helpful odds and ends around here - guess we all thought Murray would be more than a week in hospital.

My brother called me too... that was weird!

I have always been very crafty and have always tinkered with all sorts of things... my knitting is nothing spectacular... just socks and scarves... I was soooo excited to finally learn how to knit a pair of socks the 'proper' way LOL

lately though I have been upcycling (reclaiming, recycling, repurposing' ) fabrics from [ugly] op shop shirts I know that sounds mean... and not all of them are ugly - the fabrics aren't but the styles *cue vomit bucket* ... and not ALL styles... I bought one because the fabric is gorgeous... er I tired it on and apparently it has found a new home in my wardrobe rofl... oh well for $1 who is complaining?!

anyways... check them out, I have listed four on but they are all for sale (just wanna see if there's any interest on QS first before I bother listing them all!)

What do ya think?? $3 each?? $1 postage :D if you want to see more (I think I have about twelve different ones and more coming)

If you are interested let me know :D

Well I guess I should get some house work done before Murray gets home LOL. It has been a lazy day in that respect :D

Till next time :D

PS I always check in to my blog daily to check for comments, even if I don't post, so please do comment xx)