how I make bunting

I have been looking at and admiring so many layouts that have flags across them. I've been seeing a lot more lately and I thought "hey! I can mke that!!" So I did, and I thought I'd share the way I make them :D
I think you can buy them just about anywhere - I've only seen the one and thought oh my! I'm so never buying them! $8.95 or some such pfft...I'm sorry...I'm a tightass on things I know I could make myself! LOL.

So anyways.

I won't need to write too much, the photos are pretty self explanatory, if you have any Qs though, please feel free to ask and I will help as soon as I can ....

These instrctions are for the template...but if you have the time or can be bothered, you can use it straight onto the back of your patterned paper (pp) :D it does get a bit tedious that way though.

First... any ruler width will do, because it's mathematical - ... as long as you have a rectangle that has its long sides  twice that of its short ones, your triangles will be the perfect angled ones for flags :D If your personal preference tells you it's the wrong angle, then have a play around with it - you'll find your perfect eventually :D 

I usually cut one of the two flags smaller - two templates of different sizes are better than two of the same!


now, after you've cut out your templates trace around one on the back of your pp...
I usually fold a ruler width over, so I can cut through two layers at once, cutting time and effort ;) (something I learnt when I was doing the cutting at the factory I was a sewing machinist at ;) )

Next you can do one of two things ... you can use the triangles that are cut on the fold like this...

Put glue all over the diamond shape and fold it around the string (I am using knitting wool/yarn) 
you can cut them in half so they are the same as the other triangles... the following photo is pretty self explanatory. I attach the triangles the same way as folding them in half over the string :D 


I hope my 'trying to make sense' didn't turn into making less sense! LOL.

Good luck and have fun flag making! 
This technique can be used on any scale, using any medium - fabric; cardstock; patterned paper; even news paper! the possibitlities are only limited by your own imagination!
The same mathematical rules apply to finding the right angle for the triangles :D I'm thinking birthday banners for the kids this year will be made by me xxx

EDIT on FEB 5 2011
If you can't be bothered making your own, or don't have time or just simply want to buy, you can buy this goegeous bunting from Cheleybean Designs Look under Assorted Embellishments. Or you can buy crocheted bunting - just divine!!! - from Yillup Designs (this lady is really amazing with her crochet hook!! Some of the stuff she makes is STUNNING!! and so cute too!!)

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