Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's raining

and it is so lovely ! We were talking this morning about the floods in January and how this small amount of rain back then would just sit in top of the ground because the ground was so sodden there was no more room to soak in. Right now the ground is thirsty so it should be all green soon!

I am going to learn to drive a manual - FINALLY!!!! I have always wanted to and I have driven a manual on three or four occasions but very nervously! I WANT to drive a manual because I think it is fun.... it's just well... I am a bit of a scatterbrain and lack the confidence needed... I will either burst into tears or go into hysterical laughter when I am nervous. I am too afraid to even ask questions because I think they are dumb questions. Murray is very supportive and helpful - I just hope he has the patience!! I am generally a quick learner but with this manual thing I'm just not sure.... Twice yesterday I moved the ute and that was ok and so easy because the first time I on;y had to use reverse and first gear and the second was just reverse .... and I know how to change gears etc it's the whole slowing down thing - see stupid!! lol

Ok, I am off to make coffee and enjoy the rain :D
have a great weekend.