Monday, 30 July 2007

Some layouts to share

I was going to do the masters for Scrapbooking Memories but I didn't get around to finishing all the tasks because I got sick (yes, so sick I couldn't even scrap!!)

Enjoy! have a great week!

Sunday, 29 July 2007


Well, have I been busy? yes tremendously! I cleaned my bedroom on Wednesday. it took me 5 hours!! un-freakin-believable!! it was atrocious and I figured how am I supposed to get my girls to clean their rooms if I can't even keep my room clean! so now it is so clean and it's my favourite room in the house again for the moment LOL!! I took pics before and after and did a layout on it, but I haven't taken a pic of the layout yet. I printed the before pics in black and white...less shameful I think LOL.

I have been making cards more than anything lately, and making a couple of albums too. It was my aunt's seventieth birthday last week, so mum and I are sending her an album and a card I made. I told mum she could write in the card!! well, my Finnish isn't that great lol... I should put more effort into relearning the language I guess.

I wish I lived closer to my friend lynnie :( her hubby is away for work and well, she is a bit lonely through the week :( I know how she feels I just wish there was somefin I could do :( if you're reading this I'm thinking of you chicky!

I just added Scrapwitch's blog to my check it out. it is sooo good her scrapping is gorgeous!!! Witchy - I will endeavour to send that layout to you this week sometime...I have a billion things to post out and yours is one of them! and lynnie too...luv you guys!

I went to get the girls their Nintendo DSs on Wednesday - little rats!! they were all over me like a rash at the shops when they realised what I was buying...ew!! lol.. j/k of course! but no, the convo went like this..I only asked one thing of them in return...

me : get off me!! (laugh) all I ask is that you do not fight with each other!!
jade: what about with you?
me : *rolleyes* well that's inevitable! we'll always fight!

ROFLMAO!! we all laughed. but they have been so good! and they know that they will get no warnings for having them little blowup and they will lose them for a day...but they are being good - and I am bummed because I wanna play with them too!! ROFL...

well I am really looking forward to going to NSW!!!! mum might be coming with me too because she is worried about me driving that long rive with just the girls. She will stay in Forster so I really don't know if I'll be carless for a couple of days or what... I think she said something about staying at Pam's for the first night or something too...I will have to ask Pam if that's ok first!! they neededn't worry though, my mum is really cool and not judgemental of anything or anyone :D and she isn't a stick in the mud or anything either...just wonder if it's ok with Pammy - I mean I feel bad enough as it is that I may be imposing on them...but I'm sure it'll be ok...Pammy is such a sweet soul, and I feel so happy to know her :)

anyways, I'm off to catch up on Scrapchat because I haven't been online for a few days !

Heids x

Thursday, 12 July 2007

This week

Well I am still not 100%. I have been sick since last Wednesday with the flu. Though it isn't the snotty nosed watery eyes flu. It has wrecked me fully. I have, since last week till now had coughing attacks (dry coughs too that just annoy me more than anything!); pain all over my body; headache; joint aches; hot and cold sweats; vomiting (on the first day). I am so glad I can keep it in my mind that it CAN"T last for has to end sooner or later. I just really hate fact that I can't go to work! that pisses me off more than anything else, because I really hate to let people down, and my boss is such a good person in every aspect - she doesn't deserve this...but she is very supportive and says 'don't come in and give it to all of us!!" lol.. Although the three machinists (me and two others - there are only four of us all up!) all called in sick on Monday...Poor Bev :( She text me today asking if I was still alive! lol. I text here back bu then called her anyway - thought it would be more polite. I told her I should surely be ok by Monday. So now I'm hoping that I don't get worse again. I shouldn't ... surely??!! I'm so drained. I just wanna go to bed. Maybe I will soon.

It is my beautiful little nieces' birthday party this Saturday - Amy turned one in June and Saara will be 4 in July - a combined party is definitely easier methinks!. It's a dress up. Apparently I'm not allowed to dress up as a fairy though LMAO! I said I could be the toothless fairy HAHA!!! Mika is going to be Capt Jack Sparrow, Trent will be a cowboy, and my girls will be fairies - Jade reckons she will be a tooth fairy (hence my comment I mentioned earlier) . It will be fun. I just hope I'm not contagious!

well, anyways, I better get going. started to feel a bit tired again.
I will post pics from the party on Sunday.

Thanks for reading for those that do!! Cheers!!

Saturday, 7 July 2007


well, this morning SUX. woke up to tell Chris that I don't think we can afford a huge house adn that we might have to get like a two bedroom or something for a couple of years so we can save up a deposit and he kinda huffed about it and got upset with me that I was talking about it at 5am...that's what I do! so then he goes out side for a ciggie and I go "I'm in charge of this household because I have a clue and you don't and if you don't like it fuck off" so then it ended up in a screaming match about he hasn't even looked for a fucken job since coming home from the states, but yet he was like "as soon as I get back to Oz I'm getting a job fuck this blablabla" yea whatever.
then he calls me a bitch and I call him a C and he gets offended?? ahhhh right ...then I say that i have made some stupid decisions in my life but taking him back is definitely one of them. I juat want my life to run smooth like it did before he moved back in. I honestly don't know what it is. I don't know if it's the fact that we never have money left over for things or what. I know it pisses me off the amount he smokes. I mean it's almost a pack a day and that's just stupid waste of money and health. Well He has told the lady down the shop that he isn't to be allowed to buy smokes as of Wednesday. Going cold turkey he reckons. I scoff. It won't happen. it never has before. hell I can't give up because I like it, but a pack of 25s lasts me three days at least. it's gonna be a fucked day unless we just stay away from each other - he has his racing I have my scrapping...

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Tambo retreat

On the 20th of April this year I went to a scrapping retreat on Mt Tambourine with some of the members at Scrapbooking Memories forum. It was so much fun! We went on the Friday and it was over on Sunday - except I had to leave on the Saturday because Chris flew out to USA on the Sunday so we had to go see him off at the airport.

I got drunk within the first half hour I was there I think! I just couldn't wait to get acquainted with all these new beautiful people! I love them all!! I think I swore too much - will remember at the next retreat to not be such a potty mouth *SHAME!!*

here are some pics...
this is Binrow
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This is Scrapmanda taking a pic of me - I do have a copy of the pic that Manda was taking of me at the time too LOL - yet to do a LO with them though...
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These are the 'toys' we had to play with...
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and this is the room where it all happened lol..
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I cannot WAIT till the next one at Warana!! it is going to be soooo much fun!!

Please vist!

I know I wrote about this in my last post, but it may get skimmed over...

PLEASE COME VISIT SCRAPCHAT!! I have the link in my list of sites I frequent on ---> that side of the page ;) lol

Well, I thought it was about time I did some updating!

I am now a mod at a brand new forum called Scrapchat. It was started by a good friend of mine called mods are all known as Gypsy's angels' and I reckon that rocks right there! lol I will add int he link after I finish this posting.

I have been working here and there which is fab.
Chris has moved back in which is totally awesome! The kids are so much hapier especially Jaana! Her grades have gone up since he came back...daddy's little girl - ain't it sweet!?

anyways, here is a LO I did this morning... am thinking of sending it in to a mag but I don't like my chances because the pics are blurred - I used an effect called 'Dad's old camera' to make them blurry, I love it!

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Well, I thought it was about time I did some updating!