Saturday, 11 July 2009


How long has it been?? GEEEEZ slack arse! lol
Well first I wanna answer a Q that the gorgeous Jodes asked is the answer...

YES YES!!!! I am going WOOOOOOOOOOOT! A friend of mine got my ticket for me - two days BEFORE they went on sale because a mate of hers is a member of ticketek ...YAY!!! I cannot wait...and guess what?! This time I'll be on the floor right in front of the MANSON!!! OMG I'm so excited!!!!

Well, so for those who wanna know, I have been working in my garden...if not frantically trying to get it all done before Murray's mum comes to visit...I think I overdid it, because I ended up sick for two days, now I have the flu and soooo much more still to do. I will try to post a couple of pics up as I write this entry.
STOOPID COMPUTER! or stoopid blog...I have to upload my pics to photobucket then to here...UGH how annoying! so if the pics don't show up properly you'll have to click on it to open it IN THE SAME WINDOW, so hit back to go back to the blog k? k.

ok so while that's uploading...
I haven't scrapped. sad sad sad. I have new yummy stuff I bought from the gorgeous owner of A Passion for Craft (the link is in my list!!! go!! see it!!. ) but haven't really had a chance to play. I need to make a birthday card for Murray's mum too (her name is Jenny btw) We pick her up from the airport on Thursday...I'm excited and nervous lol. I've spoken to her on the phone a fair bit and we get along really well.

oh yay...the photos are uploaded..ok, this first one is a before shot (actually it was worse, I should have taken a photo before I started in it!)
the next one is the same garden a couple of hours later...still looks a bit crappy but it's not complete - prolly fill it with bark I'd say..

this area is a 'halfway to finish' as well... here was a HUGE pile of garden rubbish and trees I'd cut down months ago lol

and this is just up a little to the right of the last photo. It was just a pile of long grass and crap basically...
Yes I lifted those stupid rocks, and yea I got in 'trouble' lol...hell yea they were heavy!! like 40kg heavy! EEK! oh well...

This garden is a bit further up the back, there tree to the right of the pic (oh, it doesn't actually show in the pic..oh well) has a big hole in the middle which is one of the possums retreats...

I was sick on Thursday and Friday and did nothing. Stupid flu ugh.
Anyways, I have a lot to do today - have to clear out my scrap shack so the boys can put my cutting table and sewing machines in there, then I have to just finish the garden out the front (I haven't taken pics yet of that) then do groceries and then get Mika new shoes for school.

Can't believe I have parent teacher interviews TOMORROW...tomorrow is a pupil free annoying!

Till next time!