Sunday, 26 August 2012

Well so much for it

GRRR So i didn't finish the project I started today, and I really wanted to share it! I have taken progress pics, but I won't share more than this one as a teaser... It's only been primed here, and it's not put together. I can't wait for it to be finished - I just hope it turns out the way I imagine it! Any ideas what I'm doing?? Feel free to comment! I will post the rest of the photos once it is finished.

I wanted also to share the HOME project I posted about a couple of days ago.
When Painting letters I found it very helpful to put push pins on the underside like so...
This way you piece won't stick to the paper (or drop sheet or whatever you are using) when it dries. It makes it a bit easier also if you like to hold your letter in your hand - you can hold the pins if they are in enough (I had to use a hammer to get them in - but GENTLY!! I did break a couple OOPS!)
Then I put two of these on the back, about 10cm form each side...

Anyways, here is is finished...

So this has ben a bit of an uneventful post, photo wise, sorry about that. We have been in and out today - to the shops, and to wash the dogs. They have a dog wash at the BP servo and the dogs LOVE it! not quite as much as they love Vanessa, our usual dog wash lady that comes to us! Oh well, they now smell fabulous!!! WOOHOO!!

OK, so I will cut it short now, and HOPEFULLY I will have finished my frame project by tomorrow night, but I'm not promising as I have to go to work tomorrow also.... I will try to fit it in!!

Till next time!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stoned! and tomorrow's plans

Not in the drug way...ew.

Today we went to Bunnings - two weekends in a row WOOHOO!! I needed... NEEDED!... unsanded make chalkboard paint. Pinterest again! I am going to make a lovely board for the front of our house tomorrow. The chalkboard paint thing actually works - not that I had doubts, but it is always nice to do it yourself and have it WORK!

So of course I had to do some 'brrrrraaaaazing' (anyone who watches Kath&Kim will know I mean 'browsing' LOL!) and my 8 yearold son is into building things from wood lately as well, so he scored this...

He was onto it as soon as we got home, and I reckon he has done so very well. He didn't need a great deal of help either! So proud of him! His Pappa (my dad) helped a little tiny bit at the start and then his dad helped a wee bit later on... but mostly he wanted to do it himself. He is painting bits and pieces but not all of it he said - it looks 'cooler' awwww. $15 is not a bad price to pay for something like this. And my guess is it will be looked after better because he built it. YAY it's a win-win here!

I scored a bag of clear 'stones' which are just glass obviously, but I KNEW i could do SOMETHING with them...
I am not good with wire really (even though I bought some in the hopes to make a rain chain - yes I'm still thinking about it LOL) and besides that, my pliers seem to have taken a walk to god knows where!  So I decided I'd try painting the 'flat' side of the stones... just to see the effect...and WOW! I think they look pretty cool!

Not sure where their final resting place will be yet BUT for now they are in a bowl with other rocks...

So tonight I am very hyperactive and wanna craft... but I have this awful toothache! I have taken painkillers which will no doubt keep me up and hyper!
Till tomorrow when I post the pics of tomorrow's craft adventures!! Be happy and get your craft on!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nearly finished and starting a new project!!

OK, So Here is my craft room, as it is now, all
finished .

Ok, so then I felt compelled to buy a jigsaw. Inspired (obviously!) by Pinterest! I wanted to cut out something from MDF. So off to Bunnings - got a jigsaw - $34, and two pieces of MDF for around $7 each. I have started... I printed out the letters H O M E and transferred them to the MDF... then went and made a messy noise in Muz's shed!

Not perfect but neither am I so, meh!

Painted the letters first with gesso (not sure if that's a 'normal' thing to do but it felt right LOL)  Then painted the letters orange...

Murray cut the backboard for me with his little circular saw (I'm too scared to use it yet) The back board was painted grey (same grey as another project we started today!) The edges of the letters I have painted silver. Hopefully it all looks good once I stick it all together.

The new project we have started is this...
This is the 'sleep out'. It currently houses a whole bunch of stuff - my cutting table, my sewing machines, and a couple of cabinets and tables. Then thee is a lot of junk too. This however is half of it in the photo. My 15 year old daughter wants to have her own room in our place (she is living with her bio-dad at the moment) . She originally waned to kick  her sister out of her own room to have the big room. Not an option and not fair to our 13 year old daughter! And the small room at the back of the house (the only 'spare' room we have) is not big enough and doesn't have a door to the outside world like the three rooms along the front of the house. OK so we decided we would transform the sleep out/ Half for me because I am not getting rid of my machines and tables for anyone! And the other half for her. We will be putting in a new wall and a proper ceiling - as you can see in the photo it is not lined with gyprock, and so is more like a 'shed' than a room. The floor has been painted - that's the first step of the project. My dad is going to help us build it in. My daughter reckons it's still too small for her, I told her to chill out and just wait till it's finished THEN decide what she wants to do. She is like me though - when it was full of junk (we have already done one dump run - an old couch and other 'dead' unusable furniture in there taking up space unnecessarily! ) It certainly seemed small to me too, now it is HUGE! MUCH bigger than her sister's room for sure. She has to see it before she makes that call that she doesn't want the room... because if she doesn't want it - it will be transformed into a nice area for entertaining (and a built in bar... MAYBE - I want it to be a guest house.... we'll see who wins that 'conversation' hehe....)

NOTE to self - if using a 'hurricane lantern' with plastic not glass windows in it... make sure that the tea light candle is sitting straight!!! Or this may happen...
THE PLASTIC MELTS! HELLO!!!! oh well - it actually looks pretty cool curtains LOL - see even accidentally I can make art!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

One last thing before I leave you, I painted this Welcome onto a planter we have at the front of the house. 

My mum didn't believe I painted it but I did I really did! I printed the word, then used carbon paper to transfer it onto the planter then sat in the dirt, in my PJs to paint it! That's how hyperactive I am - I don't even have time to get dressed in the morning before I start on my ideas! *sigh* oh well - there is a washing machine I can use *pokes tongue* 

Till next time!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Madness! What's with the sudden urge to organise??

Well after my laundry adventure (which, by the way isn't even finished properly yet! what?) I have moved on the organising of my craft room. It is an absolute horror ! I have got knitting/crotchet; scrapbooking;painting and papier mache - all trying to share a space... not doing a very good job at present!! A few weeks ago when Muz and I decided to swap our dining room with the office (oh yes the 'office' is now in the craft room too... GRRR) and the 'dining room' is now a living room... Muz tried to move a two piece cabinet which he forgot was TWO PIECE and pushed the top half.... OOPS...
oh well onward and upward.... The bottom half still looks ok as a TV cabinet ;)
So anyways.... Muz wanted throw away the top half because the door broke... ONE door.... I convinced him that I would find a use for it and if not, THEN he could dump it....

I took the doors off... took the hinges off the doors (SCORE!!!) and the two unbroken doors have been marked for a project to be done at a later date... The rest of the cabinet now lives here...

On my craft desk. I took before photos of my craft room but am too embarrassed to post them - seriously it was like a scene from hoarders!!! UGH!!! But happily I am getting there.... I was kidding myself when I said it would take a day... more like it won;t be done at least for another day, maybe two.... it is getting agonisingly temping to begin crafting now that at least my craft desk is somewhat in an organised state...  but no... I HAVE to do this... I HAVE TO FINISH THIS ROOM FIRST!!!!!

One crafty share before I go. As most teenage girls, my 13 yearold is obsessed with One Direction (or 1D as they say) So on a particularly crafty day, I made this for her bed. She had spent the entire day before cleaning her room - just her posters would look good.... let's just say she won't be needing her walls painted just yet!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oooooohhhh crafty stuff!!!

OK, so I haven't got pictures ready to post... but I made a picture froame and I really wanted to share it on my blog. It's not quite finished yet...

BUT I have got pictures to share of my laundry room (also unfinished but will be finished by the weekend YAY!)
Right, so I didn't take before photos because it was so shameful, but in hindsight I probably should have.... one shelf was about to fall out - because it had gotten wet and we know what the good old chipboard does when it gets wet? Yep - swells and falls apart!! I think I mentioned this in my last post, the reason it got wet... Anyways. I have been trawling Pinterest , as you do, and was inspired! Not by any one particular site or idea... just trawled for hours and somehow ideas kinda gravitated toward one another and I started painting.
I had 2 old bedside tables in the shed... one of which was accidentally run over in the carport (long story) and so was thrown out. this left me with one bedside table and SIX drawers. I took three drawers... and a brush...and Gesso (which I recently learned FYI is in fact pronounced JESS_OH :) ) and two Kaisercraft tubes of acrylic paint...
First I had to clean the drawers... they were a tad dusty and had a spider living in one of them...

I decided I would only paint the fronts of them for now. The place I had in mind for them, it wasn't really paramount that all sides and insides were painted.

Now I'm pretty rough with some projects. Sometimes I am a bit pedantic and 'perfectionist' but other times it's liek 'Meh..whatever. That'll do" LOL.

Painted them. It did cross my mind that I should really take the knobs off and paint them in the opposite colours... but his was definitely a 'meh' moment!  After the paint dried I sprayed them with a quick dry clear, just to try an prevent chipping for a longer time...

You see, I needed some kind of storage solution.I didn't want to go out and spend money on plastic tubs when I knew there had to be a way to use what we already have here in the shed.

So then, you can't just have pretty painted containers at the top and the rest be... well, BLERGH! Right?Because my gorgeous Muz is a painter - he had some left over paint I could use. I told him he can't watch me paint! I was at it for about an hour and had only painted the left side...once! He came and asked if I wanted him to do it? I said no thank you! UT ... he took the brush and showed me how a tradey painter paints... OMG I mean I've watched him paint many many hours over the years but man... he painted one of the sections in the right side in about 3 minutes! I watched carefully and tried to copy his way. Not as good as him (of course !) BUT I ended up painting at least three times as fast as I had before LOL!!
 Finishing touches...
Muz screwed in a rod to the right wall for me to hang spray bottle cleaners from. I am yet to make some kind of tags for the drawers. All in all, I am stoked with the new look in the cupboard! Not sure yet if the doors will be painted o the inside .....

Next part of the laundry - I have put my dryer and front-load washer side by side. Dad is waiting for the measurements from me, he is going to build me a bench to go over the top of the washer and dryer. Muz has painted the ceiling and is going to paint the walls for me too (too big a job for me!! and although he is ill, at least he can take his time painting his own place ;) )

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed ... stay tuned for more to come :) Feel free to comment or ask Qs :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

DIY projects are filling my head!!

So the yard is juuuuust about done HOORAY!! Murray did a lot of work today I could do a great deal because I had slept awkwrdly last night obviously and had kinked my neck - so painful! Getting a wee bit better now TG!
I am sitting outside right now and there is a breeze blowing. I cannot believe that I am not even a little bit cold! It's actually a warm -ish breeze... in the last month of Winter! Perfect! My chimes a re tinking nicely too - never did it before where they are hanging was being blocked by all that greenage we have chopped away for the sole purpose of letting the breeze through - IT WORKED!
I am wanting to make one of these -

it's a 'rain chain down pipe' - an alternative to a down pipe rather. There are a few DIY instructables on the web that I've been stalking. Should be fun - should I ever source the materials for next to nothing that is! LOL.

Another DIY project I am going to begin tomorrow is my laundry. Yes, I have one, and yes it is n a major state of chaos! I am so over it... I need to open that damn cupboard pull everything out and start from scratch. One of the shelves actually bulged (they are only cheap ass chipboard shelves) because I didn't realise that water tank for my carpet shampoo-vac LEAKS!!! so a whole four litres of water dripped into the shelf it was sitting on unbeknownst to me until a few days later... so yes, it needs to be pulled out and REPLACED!! I have some wood here I'm sure that I can do that with.
I have been looking at laundry makeovers (google image searching) and gosh there are some very simple nifty ideas out there that I could do all by myself... But I'll be nice and let Muz help me hehehe - might have to con him into teaching me to paint too seeing he can't see very well anymore :( my poor darling! At the moment I have my dryer on top of my front loader washer ... I want them side by side with a 'table top' over them. then shelving on the wall. I want to put my laundry liquid into a drink dispenser like this...
how good would that be?! BUT I just know there would still be spillages grrr.... I'll tackle that issue if I come to it hehehe

Here are some pics (I guess I should have done this at the start of the post?) This first pic is the day we started hacking away at hte ferns. They had over grown by at least a metre past the garden edging (which I discovered... had no idea it was even there!) 
I also discovered a nice set of rocks right in the middle! What a find! I left them right there because I knew I had someone who would LOVE to sit there...
BUDDHA!!! lol He is much happier here than in the back yard being covered by ground cover!
To find it thought I had to get rid of all this...  All those Jasmine roots!! OH EM GEE!!!! that thing was EVERYWHERE!!!

This is down at the far end of the house... yes there IS a house to the left of the pic LOL. Before we hacked down the traveler palms and banana plants...

This is after the traveler palms were cut down (all bar one - need help with it as it leans over the house EEK!) Big mess to clear away!! Banana trees are still up - believe it or not there is a shed behind there way down the back!

All cleared away, see the shed?? lol.

This is what it looks like right now. Beautiful! OK, so maybe the banana plants have to be cleared away yet LOL But it's almost like a clean canvas screaming to be decorated! Going to put in some steps and landscape it a lil bit here and there. It will look so lovely!! And the best thing? There'll be sooooo many less MOZZIES!!!! YAY!!!!

Ok that's it for one day. Till next time!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stupid toothache!

Well today wasn't as productive as I'd hoped. I went to the chemist to get something for my toothache, and got Mersyndol. The lady at the chemist said 'oh you're gardening with a toothache?" LOL! UM YES OF COURSE! BUT IT'S GETTING TOOOOO PAINFUL. "well, this will make you sleepy, there'll be no more gardening this afternoon!" (we get along really well, because it's Murray's usual chemist and he leaves his pile of scripts there). Ont he way home I said to Murray "pfft, painkillers don't make me sleep!" boy was I wrong! I got into the yard and thought yay no pain... then my eyes started to droop! What the hell? Murray said to just go have a shower and watch TV... I did but ended up going to bed - at 3pm! Woke at around 6 and Murray said 'ya mum and dad are nearly home" I thought it was 6 am nd said 'They are already home!' "uh.. Heidi - it's only 6PM not am" hahha h well. Then I drifted off again till 8pm when my daughter came in with a coffee for me and said it was 8... in the morning! OMG! why is it so dark? hahah cheeky girl! Course, it was 8pm! now I'm still feeling a bit tired. At ;east I can drink coffee now without my tooth giving me grief!

Well that's it for today. Nothing exciting nothing productive. Kids  are having the day off school tomorrow to see my parents. I was to go pick them up tonight from the airport but again my suck up brother has taken my joy from me. Sigh.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

It has been a productive week...and it's not even close to over!
We started pulling out the mother-in-law tongue and king ferns from the front corner of the house. We felt it just was too damp all the time in our bedroom and the gorgeous breeze we get never came through those ferns! Oh boy what a job!! We have been hacking away at it for nearly four days and now it's a matter of clearing away all the garden rubbish now. Lucky we have a huge yard - have plenty of room to build a compost heap. Murray went nuts with the chainsaw too - cut down a few of the giant bird of paradise - there is one left but not sure how to tackle it - it leans OVER the damn house! EEK! I'm sure we'll work it out.
In front of the house we have a gorgeous maple tree that is being cut down!! YAY!! yes I love it but I will love it more gone - to be honest I am totally over the leaves every year! filling the gutters in the beginning of Winter then we have the fire going ? leaning the gutters is tough enough in the bush but if we can minimise the job we'll take it! I can't wait!
Another few full days of work and we'll have the place looking fabulous for Spring BBQs!

I have lately gotten a new addiction... I have been trying to avoid it like the plague but I just couldn't resist any longer... Pinterest!! OH.EM.GEE!!! I could sit for hours just looking at the wonderful craft ideas and another of my favorite categories is the gardening section - getting some great ideas for our newly cleared space - would love to landscape it somehow. 

We went to my Mum and Dad's today so Murray could paint their kitchen before they arrive home from overseas. It had an awful red wall and to make it worse - it was an OIL based paint! so it had to be prepped then painted in a lovely light coffee type colour (Dulux 'Tavern' to be precise ;) ) And wow what a difference it has made! The kitchen is so much brighter now, I'm sure Mum will absolutely love it! I did a little bit of pruning too, and my brother has mowed the lawn (I am assuming it was my brother that did it *shrug* ) it looks really good. I washed the kitchen curtains too. Hopefully my nephew (who is house-sitting) will do a good clean up - my parents are arriving home TOMORROW NIGHT!!! I will pick them up just before midnight :) I can't wait to see them - Dad's been away for 8 weeks, and Mum for 6, we all miss them so much! My Dad's mother is ill. She is 88 years old and had taken a fall and broken her shoulder, they are not going to operate (for what reason I am not entirely sure) and she was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago and dementia is beginning to set in. She doesn't always know who my dad is - even though he is her only child. It's very sad. They say she will never be going back to her own home again. I just hope she isn't in too much pain - they have her on some pretty good painkillers I would imagine.

Well that's about it for the day. I am starting to read a few diferent blogs lately and am getting a bit more into it, so it may just be that I start regular updates here. Not sure how interesting they will be but I will attempt to make them slightly entertaining!

Till next time :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Well, a bit of time has passed again and I haven't been updating my blog. Today is not really an update of my crafts, nor my gardening. No today's blog entry is a vent. I have to get this off my chest. My asshole ex partner , who I do not even dignify by calling him by his birth name - when I say 'the tard' (short for fucktard) in real life, everyone knows who I mean. He was merely a deep thorn in my side, sperm donor for three beautiful kids... which he now denies as being his blood! I found out a few weeks ago that he is with someone new - poor woman. That asshole should be sterilised. The new girl is pregnant with his baby number NINE - yep ... nine... well that I know of - it could well be more than that. That woman that called me from the US when he was there told me she was pregnant to him, so that would be ten. Then there's the ex from high school who he told me he was sleeping with. She was married too but obviously he has no fucking soul so that doesn't matter. He has changed his name on facebook (has added an extra letter to his last name ROFL how terribly creative! but it's obviously him because he has on photo of his ugly head, and a whole bunch of really bad tattoos he has done. He ran into a friend of mine a couple of months ago an told her when she said 'oh baby number four' when she she realised his partner was pregnant, he said 'no TWO!' and then went on to say he had 'proof' that the rest of the kids aren't his. See, when I met him he was already a father of four - one to one woman and three to another. He told me all kinds of nasty things about his mother and brother, and that his ex had tried to stab him and poison him (ajax on his pot ?) and then when he cheated on me for the second time with an 18 year old that lived in our unit complex, she told me stories that he had told her - that I had tried to stab him and poison him bla bla bla. I was gobsmacked...and retarded because I forgave him for a second time. Little did I know at the time he would go on to cheat over and over and over again on me. Now anyone who knows me knows I am loyal and very caring. I was also too forgiving and easily mislead into believing bullshit. But is that my fault really? or his for being so damn convincing? both I say. I feel really sorry for the girlfriend. I know what she is in for for the next few years - if she is as stupid as I was! It seems so as she is having another child to him.. wonder if he has cheated on her yet? I remember him calling me a control freak when I told him I didn't want him hanging out with the 'ferals' (as he dubbed them) that lived behind us in Boronia Heights. He ended up sleeping with the 14 yearold that lived there, then moved in with them. It was ok with the adult woman (mother of seven, the 14 yearold was her niece) because he told them he was 25 years old... not 33 like he actually was! even if he was 16 it would have been too old for a FOURTEEN year old! I am venting because I found out that the teacher that supposedly molested him, got prison time for it. It didn't happen to him. Sure the teacher was a pedo... but the tard was not actually molested by him... it was someone else that was molested! He used this 'molestation' as a 'reason' (read EXCUSE) for being a lying cheating stealing prick. He stole our kids' Christmas money one year and blamed it on the teenagers HE invited into our home to smoke pot with! He owed a drug dealer a few hundred dollars when he FINALLY got the hell out of our lives... lucky the dealer didn't want ME to pay for it - I had no idea he even owed that money! Now it seems he may be in for a big payout because he was 'molested' while in school. This makes me so fucking angry it's not even funny. How dare he! He is one of the most useless human beings I have ever come across in my life - and now the government wants to make him rich? All because he lied? I just wish I could prove he was lying. I don't know how that creep sleeps at night, knowing he has [at least] 7 other kids out there and refuses to acknowledge any of them. I remember him telling me that of the three kids he had to his ex, only one (the middle one) was actually his, that she had cheated on him. You know, he made her out to be a psycho - and now I know why. I was the same psycho after being treated like I was for years on end (yes yes, keep in mind, I realise it's my stupid fault for staying with a loser like that, but like I said he was very convincing and I was very forgiving and caring) When the mother of the ferals came over one day to see the tard (he was trying to reconcile with me after 'breaking up' with the 14 yearold) she said 'have you told Heidi you two are getting back together?" I lost it. I had a full vodka cruiser in my hand and let it rip! I belted the shit out of him with that bottle - all the way up the street, screaming all the while "YOU FUCKING PEDOPHILE! SHE IS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!!" A bit of entertainment for the street LOL. I really feel like putting his name out there. A pedo against pedos - go figure! fucking hypocrite. *I found an email he had sent to a woman in Kentucky USA - on line I will never forget "OMG! I'm sooo excited!! My nephew was born this morning and he is so beautiful!" ... the email was dated 3/7/02 ... that date is my son's birthdate. That mother fucker had told this poor woman (who thought she was going to marry him! BTW) that I was his SISTER! that's why she never questioned 'the girl's voice in the background' when he was on the phone to her - yep - how's that for balls eh? he spoke to her IN MY PRESENCE and when I said 'it sounds like a girl you are talking to' he assured me it was his GAY friend in America, named Alex. 'it's because he's gay, he sounds like a girl' ... not bad for someone who was a homophobe eh? Yea - the tard HATED gays... I am however very VERY happy about him denying his children... for one reason... he will not have a problem signing adoption papers. My gorgeous fiance wants to adopt them as his own and they want to be adopted. I hide nothing from my kids - if they ask me Qs about the tard - I tell them the truth... I refuse to paint a pretty picture of him to them - he is an asshole. I give credit where it is due - he was a good dad when they were very little - but I figured out why... they were too young to tell me 'daddy kisses other girls' ... see I always worked, and he always well, didn't. And I figured that out too - it's because of Child Support - hence why he hasn't done his taxes for yeeeeears too - not that he needs to I guess - being a fucking dole bludger - and doing REALLY BAD tattoos on teenagers. Dammit I wish I could just type his name here... just so when , you know how you Google your own name just for fun? well if they did it, they'd find this... that woman deserves to know the TRUTH - the real truth not the 'truth' he tells her. Shame though, she looks like a pretty young girl (late twenties - thought it seemed a bit old for his taste though) I wish I had kept my old diaries though. So much 'proof' in there. Letters sent to him (to the empty house next door mind you) One such letter was from that woman in Kentucky. She was saying 'next time you visit your dad's grave tell him I'm thinking of him" um... yea his dad wasn't dead then... he seriously has no soul at all. I have old online accounts to various forums that I had talked about this idiot though... they are still readily available to read online. I just needed to get this off my chest. And it is my account of the happenings in my life and as this is MY online diary, I can say whatever the hell I want to about who ever I want to.