Friday, 18 December 2009

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More jars! n stuff

Hello people. Well I decided rather than just plugging myself and Manda for our goods, I'd actually share some other stuff for a change LOL!
I have a tonne of Moccona coffee jars that I've been washing and doing stuff with. There are sooo many ideas out there!
I have made two lolly jars for the boys' teachers so far, and used the lids for the huge jars as tealight candle holders... the big jars also I'll be altering and making into cookie jars as gifts for Christmas. We even used a large one as a fish bowl for Jaana's fighting fish!! It's very VERY well scrubbed though! lol. We kept the plastic part of the lid and added slits...this is to keep our cats' paws out! lol
We made money jars too

I scavenged some jars off mum too, not that we didn't already have HEAPS...they were behind her shed and I think they've been there for years!!! but I have soaked them (I use hot water with Laundry powder ;) the sticker pretty much slides off itself after about half an hour!)

I have completed the February 'SHE' challenge at Scrapchat...LOL only a few more months to catch up on now LOL...

And just because I can't help myself...for those you haven't had a chance to visit Miss C is the clear stamp storage album I have created to sell..

There is more info on my other blog!

Manda's new product

So now you have to vist Made X Manda again (it's in your bookmarks ;) lol) to see her gorgeous little coin/card purses. I so need one of these! They are too cute NOT to have one!


I hope you have all visited Miss C Design too?! GET OVER THERE! lol

Monday, 16 November 2009


I have added a new design to my clear stamp albums - you're going to love it!!!

The link is in your bookmarks ;) really, it's in my last posting here :D


Today has been a really hot day hasn't it? 35 degrees celsius in our kitchen and it's cooler inside than out here too! EEK! Not sure how I will cope...might have to lock myself into our bedroom with the air con haha.

I need to get onto the challenges I have to catch up in over at Scrapchat . I have rejoined, I was a bit afraid at first but the ladies there are very forgiving and have warmly welcomed me. Now to PROVE to them I'm for real lol. I know they'll see I am a very different person nowadays.

Anyways, I better go get ready to get the squids from school :D
till next time!

Don't forget to go over and see miss c design ;)

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Check it out!!

Miss C Design


Miss C Design
Click here...don't forget to bookmark it! The countdown is on!!! Read the last few entries for clues ;)

Ignore the Firefox message lol


Countdown To Launch!!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Made X Manda

If it's a new camera strap you need, or if the one you have doesn' match what you're wearing - (HEY! it's all about style...and like my BF always says "ACCESSORISE ACCESSORISE ACCESSORISE!!" LOL... ) You need to head over to Made X Manda and pick up a new camera strap or two! They are fabulous and such great quality..I will be investing in some...just as soon as I gets me a new camera that is! LOL. I guess I could get one for my film camera...I don't use it often but it would look good on the shelf! hehe...


Made X Manda spread the word!

Watch this space!!

It worked!!
Are you looking for a safe and stylish way to store your clear stamps? Are you having trouble with the stamps falling out of the acetate sleeves (or is that just me??lol)? Don't want to carry too much bulk and weight when it's crop time and you have to travel?
Well fear's coming!! The solution you've been dreaming of!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm excited today!

For those with clear stamps... I have something pretty exciting in store...well hopefully it works out the way I'm planning!!

Today is a busy busy day.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I've been scrapping!

digi scrapping lol...

Went to see Saw VI on was awesome!!!!

Murray painted the boys room on Tuesday. The feature wall is Caltex red and they love it! I reckon it's just awesome,

Went to get new bunk beds for the boys today. I must say the drive up the coast with my father was rather pleasant! The bunks match the red wall perfectly. Just have to get a Transformers rug and a Transformers doona set for Mika and their room is done. I will post pics of the finished room after it's finished lol.

Jade made cupcakes on Thursday - don't they look yummy? All by herself too!! Flowers n all!!

I took a couple of pics of our yard this morning ... the lawn looks a little sad but it's definitely getting betta!

Anyways, better go now, there's rain acomin and I wanna scrap! lol

Monday, 2 November 2009

It's a new era...

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I haven't been as active online for the past year. I have had a lot of changes in my life, and now that I am settled into a very comfortable lifestyle and I am happier than I ever thought was humanly possible, I have sorted out a routine and am ready to be a part of an online community again. I have decided I will wash clean the slate of the past, and start all over again. I hold no opinions or grudges. I have gotten rid of any animosity I had in the past - it was there, I suppose, because I was in such an unhappy place and I could never find the joy in a thing besides scrapping (I'm talking pre-Murray days!) I was, in short, an asshole, and now I know it I want to extend my apologies to those who feel they need it from me. I am so sorry. I am not in the business of hurting people intentionally but I have hurt a lot of people in my lack of contact with them. I have just rejoined scrapchat, awaiting approval...hopefully things will be ok.
I miss Lynnie so much but I haven't been in touch with her for so long I doubt she will forgive me this time. Yunno I could have called too, but I haven't. There is no other reason for it than I just get carried away with life in my immediate surroundings and forget to go outside that. I still have some confidence issues, and occasionally I can't even call my bank or Teslstra if there is an issue - other times I can call with guns ablazing...I honestly do not know why I am that way, i just am I always have been...I remember as a kid if there was something in the paper I wanted to buy, I would make my dad call the number while he was trying to make me do it - in the end I was left deflated and without the item in question. So it's a lifelong problem, which has upset people along the way...I know it's 'not hard to pick up the phone' but for me, sometimes, really it is!

So there it is the first day of the rest of my life (again LOL!!!! but in a different area of my life)

Till next time!

Monday, 19 October 2009


Photo deleted? whatever...

How awesome was the manson concert on Saturday night?? Liz and I drank Bundy Reds..mmm... I just have no words to describe how freakin awesome it was!!!! I took some pics, albeit not so good because it's hard to stand still in a MOSH PIT!!!!! I have learnt never to wear heels into a mosh pit...I was bare foot by the start of the second song because my thighs were caning from jumping lol!!! I tied one shoe to my bag and Liz did the other to hers hahaaaaa....then some freakin 10 foot tall dude in front of me must have had stillettos on because the top of my foot all of a sudden started to hurt...
I lost Liz and matt in the crowd during the last song, which as anyone who knows them knows Beautiful People is always the last song they perform...

Here is the setlist...

Marilyn Manson Setlist Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia 2009, The High End of Low Australian & Asian Tour

and here are a couple of pics...I did get some reeeeeeally good ones but I'm not going to share them online...

and here are my feet the next day....bruised but not bleeding, so not too bad for someone barefoot among a bunch of docs and other selected hard heavy boots! lol

I am so happy that I went and I couldn't have had better friends to go with. Thanks Matt for driving and thanks Liz for everything else! lol....

My legs are still sooooo sore!!!!

Till next time!!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


I love you with all my heart and soul...we've 'weathered' through one whole year...and you still wanna marry me HAHAHA....

Hope you have a great day my sexy man!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


How cute are those fish!!! -->
Hover your mouse over the water and they'll all swim to the cursor hahha then if you click, you'll feed them... I just love it!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

so much for it lol

not that anyone expected me to actually do it! I haven't taken a pic of myself - yunno I have that much in my life I don't even think about my rude! haha. Oh and I haven't given up the rot stix either *sigh*

Well It's raining today and it's lovely! The lawns were mowed yesterday just in looks fabulous out there now...I think I might go find a chasllenge and scrap a little before we go to my brother's house to paint my niece's bedroom...

Monday, 31 August 2009

I'm loving these two songs right now...

Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound
I know they're watching, they're watching
All the commotion, the kiddie like play
Has people talking, talking

You, your sex is on fire

The dark of the alley, the breaking of day
The head while I'm driving, I'm driving
Soft lips are open, knuckles are pale
Feels like you're dying, you're dying

You, your sex is on fire
Consumed with what's to transpire

Hot as a fever, rattling bones
I could just taste it, taste it
If it's not forever, if it's just tonight
Oh, it's still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest

You, your sex is on fire
And you, your sex is on fire
Consumed with what's to transpire

And you, your sex is on fire
Consumed with what's to transpire


Kings of Leon - Use Somebody Lyrics

I've been roaming around always lookin down at all I see.
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach.
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you
And all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers undercover of the street

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you
Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make you notice
I hope it's gonna make you notice
Someone like me
Someone like me
Someone like me
(Go and let it out)
Someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you
I've been roaming around always lookin down at all I see


They make me happy. lol. I want to find a player for my blog...I used to have one but I can't remember what it was, if you read this and you know, and I haven't found it yet can u please let me know!! THANKS!

366 day challenge...

I've dcided out of sheer boredom that I will attempt this again. The idea for 'take 2' came from boredom but the challenge is more for self development lol. I have to give up smoking because if i don't Murray can't and if he doesn't he will just keep on getting sicker and sicker (he has COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). So doing this project will help me to keep my determination...I can't just do one thing at a time...and I thought it might be nice to see how things improve as I quit skin I'm positive will look better, but also I thought it'd be a laugh to see if the 'crankies' show in my pics - I mean apparently I have a bit of a 'dramatic' face - meaning no matter what emotion I'm trying to put across, people will always see what i'm really feeling (or do they? hmmmm hahahaaaaaa) . No really my mum always said i show too much on my face, I can't hide shit! haha

so yea...well anyways here is the firls one I took just before..

Oh and I said 366 day challemge because tomorrow would be an ideal day to start as it's the 1st of September, BUT I am too impatient lol...
till next time!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


OK I'm done messing with my blog....soooo ova it!! lol....PLEASE comment to tell me what you think!!!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Digi scrap and stuff n shit

Well boy have we spoilt ourselves! lol. Murray bought a new computer, it's so great! and he bought me Scrapbook Deluxe 4.0 for it too. It has so many more elements than the last one I had and it was half the price too go figure! Anyways I have been having fun with it. I print out elements and use them for paper scrapping but also I've done a couple of digi layouts. Below is one of them, I really like it...

I also get a lot ideas from the program for paper scrapping, because there are 'quick layouts' where you just add your own journaling and photos.
Oh and the computer was a package deal from WOW sight & sound, it came with an awesome Epson printer/scanner/copier!! VERY happy here!!

What else lately? hmmm OH OH!! NEW SHOES!!! We went out to dinner one night when Murray's mum was here, and I planned on wearing a dress and I felt so pretty...then I broke the only pair of shoes I had that go with dresses I have...soooo upset! SO I went and got myself a new pair of shoes which go with anything from the jeans I have to the dresses I have YAY! like 'em? Murray LOVES them on me lol... I love to wear high heels cuz I'm a bit of a shorty - not extremely but a LOT shorter than Murray! heheee

A bit of random stuff -
We were out in the yard doing a bit of mowing (we also got a new ride-on mower! lol) and clearing of the yard and we came across a snake!! EEEK! they are out already! then that night our neighbour (and my best friend) had a TWO METRE diamond python in her rafters on the porch!!!! very beautiful and majestic. He (or she) went into the roof cavity, which is great because it'll keep the mouse/rat factor to a minimum - ahhh the joy of living in the bush! lol... oh and this pic was taken up at her house too, the possums sleep by day in the car port which they have they hang out (and almost fall out!) when they sleep lol... see her tail?

Till next time!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Well I am not in the greatest of moods this morning. I just opened an email my dad sent me to sign a petition...The email advised I do not watch the video because it;s too gut wrenching...but I watched...and my gut wrenched...I cried and cried so hard...then I signed the petition...which I think everyone should do! CLOSE DOWN THE FUR TRADE! It is an is the link to the site. -> Fur is Dead <- down the left side you'll see a brown box that says "A shocking look inside Chinese fur farms' this is where the terrible heartbreaking truth is.. I was devastated - and I am not even an activist...ignorance is bliss - but after seeing this I had to do something! Even if it's only making my pledge never to buy fur products, and pass it on the best way I know how - through email and my blog...

OK, enough of's way too depressing!
I have been a gummy bear since Monday night. My teeth are being readjusted to make a perfect fit!! YAY!!! i pick them up in two hours and I can't wait!!! Eating is really hard without them LMAO!! Not to mention how super attractive it is - NOT!!!

I have scrapped!! YAY! BUT the bad news is I have no program with which to scale the size down to send it to where it should go...I did an entry for the August 123challenge but I can't send it in, so I'll just post it here lol

I will leave you with one more image...this is our little Zelda...Murray named her - I told him she has to have a name that has a Z in it because I never use the Zs in scrapping hahahaaaaaaaa ain't she the cutest? She has a very unusual colour - like vanilla (the colour shows a lot darker in pics). And the best nature ever in a cat. She sleeps at my feet UNDER the blankets hahahaaaa

BYEEEEEE-YA!!!!till next time...which I promise won't be too long!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009


How long has it been?? GEEEEZ slack arse! lol
Well first I wanna answer a Q that the gorgeous Jodes asked is the answer...

YES YES!!!! I am going WOOOOOOOOOOOT! A friend of mine got my ticket for me - two days BEFORE they went on sale because a mate of hers is a member of ticketek ...YAY!!! I cannot wait...and guess what?! This time I'll be on the floor right in front of the MANSON!!! OMG I'm so excited!!!!

Well, so for those who wanna know, I have been working in my garden...if not frantically trying to get it all done before Murray's mum comes to visit...I think I overdid it, because I ended up sick for two days, now I have the flu and soooo much more still to do. I will try to post a couple of pics up as I write this entry.
STOOPID COMPUTER! or stoopid blog...I have to upload my pics to photobucket then to here...UGH how annoying! so if the pics don't show up properly you'll have to click on it to open it IN THE SAME WINDOW, so hit back to go back to the blog k? k.

ok so while that's uploading...
I haven't scrapped. sad sad sad. I have new yummy stuff I bought from the gorgeous owner of A Passion for Craft (the link is in my list!!! go!! see it!!. ) but haven't really had a chance to play. I need to make a birthday card for Murray's mum too (her name is Jenny btw) We pick her up from the airport on Thursday...I'm excited and nervous lol. I've spoken to her on the phone a fair bit and we get along really well.

oh yay...the photos are uploaded..ok, this first one is a before shot (actually it was worse, I should have taken a photo before I started in it!)
the next one is the same garden a couple of hours later...still looks a bit crappy but it's not complete - prolly fill it with bark I'd say..

this area is a 'halfway to finish' as well... here was a HUGE pile of garden rubbish and trees I'd cut down months ago lol

and this is just up a little to the right of the last photo. It was just a pile of long grass and crap basically...
Yes I lifted those stupid rocks, and yea I got in 'trouble' lol...hell yea they were heavy!! like 40kg heavy! EEK! oh well...

This garden is a bit further up the back, there tree to the right of the pic (oh, it doesn't actually show in the pic..oh well) has a big hole in the middle which is one of the possums retreats...

I was sick on Thursday and Friday and did nothing. Stupid flu ugh.
Anyways, I have a lot to do today - have to clear out my scrap shack so the boys can put my cutting table and sewing machines in there, then I have to just finish the garden out the front (I haven't taken pics yet of that) then do groceries and then get Mika new shoes for school.

Can't believe I have parent teacher interviews TOMORROW...tomorrow is a pupil free annoying!

Till next time!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Yep. we've got it! Murray sold his beloved Harley the week before last...a sad sad day for us both! I cried and cried so much!! Good thing was the guy who bought it took it home on a horse float, so we didn't have to listen to it ride away for the last time. We will get another by Christmas anyway, so it's not too hard to handle lol. The day it left Murray needed retail therapy and decided camping gear was the way to go, so then the children can get into it too - going out on the bike, as wonderful as it is/was , we always had to leave the kids least this way they enjoy what we enjoy.
So, Thursday afternoon we had a couple of grand worth of new camping gear, Saturday we left to head out to Flanagan Reserve for the week - the kids had the first week of school off for this. We had a wonderful time...I took a lot of photos (about 600!) I also had a film camera out there that I have to get done. I am planning on an entire scrap album for just this week of camping LOL...I'll post pics of the are taking too long to upload to here grrr.... BUT one pic I will upload right now is the new tattoo I got yesterday...HE LET ME DO IT !! YAY!!! lol....It's a pretty large pic if you click on it it'll open a bigger image in the same window, so hit the back button if you want to come back to the blog ;) (i learnt that the hard way lol)

It's on my outer right ankle, and I just LOVE it!!

We've left our tents up there for the week, and are heading back for this long weekend.

I better get going, nearly time to get the kidlets from school!!

Till next time xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Yes Lynnie...

i'm alive lol. ya dag! haha. thanks 4 caring though!
We went to stay at the Ramada on Saturday night in Ballina. What an awesome ride down it was! No rain thankfully. The hotel room was nice, not as big as we thought but cosy. We had booked 5 rooms so got them for corporate prices YAY. We then went to dinner on Saturday night to Lismore to a little restaurant called the Bellowing Bull...omg...ffor those who haven't been there you need to go if you get a chance, and order the shank...but DO NOT eat for at least two days prior!! they weigh in at about 3 kg!! that's a LOT of meat! Murray got one and ate it all - we kinda helped Jockey eat his LOL. I got the Zarzuela which is a Spanish seafood dish with scallops, mussels, crab, prawns, calamari and barramundi in a tomato based sauce - it was soooo good!!
When we got back to the hotel, we went to the RSL down there - I collected $100 twice from the cashier YAY! then we went to the pub where a band was playing...bad music, lots of old hippies and dorks around the place but we had the morning we had a buffet breakfast to die for. When we headed home we went through Nimbin rained on a little which was fun hehehe. Made it home safe and sound and fell asleep for a couple of hours (didn';t get much sleep at the hotel ;) lol)

Nothing much else exciting to report but have a couple of pics to share. Because I now have an open faced helmet I need a bandana for my face lol...NINJA!!!.. lol Murray took the pic of me, and he printed it for the fridge too LOL...he likes it I guess...

^Nice mask eh? lol

^ Jockey, Iain and my Murray :)

view from and in our room...

And finally, Murray got a new tattoo on Monday, it's a tribute to his dear father, who sadly passed away ten years ago...

Till next time!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

March Sketch CHallenge

@ a Passion for craft!! <--Click!! We need at least 4 entries to be able to have a winner!! The prize? A store voucher to spend!! What are you waiting for?? Get cracking!! Even I did it, and I haven't scrapped in a loooong time!!!! This is my effort for the sketch...

Monday, 9 March 2009

What a day!!

ok so I guess I should really write about my dentist experience first lol...

Murray had the day off work and asked if I had called the dentist to make my appointment yet... the dentures had been paid for since before Christmas hadn't made an appointment, I kept forgetting!! So he grabs the phone and calls them...they say "oh wow. I just got off the phone to someone who had to cancel! does she want to come in today at 11am?" OMG! REALLY!!!??? OF COURSE SHE DOES!! so that was it... We got there, I went straight in and Murray took Oscar (the baby I now babysit three days a week!) to his grand dad's shop to wait for me. First I had numbing gel put in where the following needles would be jabbed...actually they weren't jabbed, the dentist was quite gentle thankfully. a lot of needles later and my entire face was numb!! there was the usual pressure, which doesn't feel like PULLING of teeth! It felt like they were being pushed into my brain! One tooth had a very long long it actually made what they called a 'communication' between my gum and sinus...yep...I had a hole there, so when I rinsed my mouth with salty water the next day it went INTO MY NOSE! OUCHIES!!! and soooo annoying!! It has healed over now, but the dentist said if I need to sneeze from now on I have to just let it rip...I can't stifle it or it could do a lot of damage EEK!! I always stifle sneezes....this should be fun...I haven't had the urge yet thankfully! That same tooth also broke and had to be taken out bit by one bit came unstuck I noticed a spot of blood on the dental nurse's forehead that had suddenly appeared...the bit had got her right between the eyes when it flew out...I felt bad but it was hilarious at the time, we were all laughing. Apparently the first time it has happened to the assistant but twice for the dentist LOL!! After all the teeth were out I was blessed with the most beautiful new teeth I'd ever seen...I wanted to cry. I finally felt gorgeous! My face was still fat and numb but I didn't care, I knew I could smile and not be self conscious about it. I had to get antibiotics because I'm a smoker, AND because I have a hole in my heart AND for the communication...I HATE antibiotics - you may or may not (being female ;) ) will understand why!! GRRR!!
So there it is.

Oh and then we won $1100 on the pokies YAY!!!! First time for everything I guess lol

Yesterday was FABULOUS!!!
We left here at about 7am. Mum came to be with the kids. Went to the tattoo shop (Extreme Ink at Woodridge, for those interested ;) lol) Then went on to Morgan and Wacker in the city...It was a V-Rod ride but we all tagged along anyways hehe...we lost the group though because we got bored really quickly with having to go so slow you can see by the following pics boredom can do funny things...

And then Murray had to stretch his back...not that he doesn't put his feet up sometimes anyways! lol...(BTW look at the speedo!!! It reads over 200km/h!!!! hahaha...but anyone who knows about these things would know to also look at the revs..uh yea...well clearly I doctored the pic just for laughs LOL...then I was too lazy to change the rev needle lol)

Here's another couple of pics for your viewing pleasure...

We stopped along the way at pubs and servos, for drinks...Aratula had a cool'Chain saw' on the wall - I couldn't resist taking a pic...

We went to a little pub in Boonah (I think it was Boonah) and won $400 on the pokies!!! YAY!!! our day was paid for and then some!!!

Well that's about it for now....take care...till next time!!