Friday, 11 November 2011

My new addiction

So a lot has happened and I have lots and lots to share! Trying to in words would be just bedlam for me right now though, so I will attempt to condense it a little ^.^

In October I went on a retreat with the awesomeness that is scrapchat. I had the best time ever! On Saturday night the fancy dress theme was of course halloween, I had a mask and wore a black long dress thing that I bought and a blue cap that I made from a sheet I bought at Lifeline :D The best costumes were definitely the corpse bride and groom, but I have to say the effort that everyone went to was just amazing! We had a gate crasher from Melbourne too, the lovely Miriam !! was such a thrill to finally meet in real life!!!! Good job! I do have a few photos but they are on my phone and it's flat so maybe another day.

My latest addiction is papier mache. I went online to search for something... something... I still do not remember what I was searching for!!! but came across Stolloween and got caught up in the incredible creations here... I forgot what I was searching for but thought 'hey I can so do this!' and guess what!? I DID!!! and I am planning on making a whole lot more ready for Halloween next year. I already have people willing to buy them!! YAY!!!! I am thinking marketsand word of mouth would be the go here. Fek eBay! to pricey are the fees for my liking thank you! lol. and besides I wouldn't mind trying out the whole market scene just to say I've done it! Here is a pic of my second (first big one) attempt. This is still awaiting painting but it has been mache'd and 'pulped' and I am so very happy with it!!!!
what do you think, so far? You can see the 'stuffing' still in there, I have since pulled it all out so it could dry better, which now it has and I will hopefully be painting it next week. In the meantime I have a few more on the way in various sizes in in various stages :D I really am enjoying this! and you know what? my kids aren't into it?! what is wrong with them? who doesn't love getting messy! haha oh well... maybe one day!
Here is the link to my Public art album on facebook too, if you are interested ;)
click here

Our Jasper is getting bigger and bigger. He loves the bush grrr I hate it because the ticks are still around. Hopefully it will get too hot for ticks soon! Mati is still her adorable self and is Jasper's partner in crime! lol
Jaana's Dove, Chicco (or 'Chiko' - a couple of the girls that went retreating in October will know what I mean by that lol) has been laying eggs?! she has no partner but has laid 8 eggs in the past couple of months... this is odd to me, but anyway!

I will be opening a new 'tab' to my blog with all my papier mache adventures and I will try to keep it updated... at least weekly! Promising daily was silly of me! haha anyways, I am hoping to share my knowledge along the way. A few tips I have figured out so far etc. Not that you won't get what you need from Stolloween... seriously the guy is a freakin' genius! check it out!!! links to all his creations are on the right side of the page.

OK I am off to bed. Till next time!!!!