Sunday, 23 September 2012

My glass cutting jig, some woodwork and two new items !!

First I wanna say, if you can't see any photos here can you PLEASE let me know. I'm not uploading from my computer or phone this time, and I'm not sure if because my photobucket account is private they will work or not. Thank you!

Well now I should probably show you why I will never try the string thing to cut another bottle - EVER!
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Muz helped me build this jig!!
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It works brilliantly!

OK, so anyways,
I have been making signs for the property. And I have seen many signs for the laundry that has three pegs (3? pfft!!) on it and writing that says "lost Socks" well here is mine for our laundry...
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LMAO! Three pegs. We have five people in this house that need socks (if I'm not working I don't wear them... I have a pet hate for socks and I hate that in this hot climate of ours the kids still have to wear socks and sneakers for school! When I was in primary school we were allowed to wear thongs in Summer! But I guess that was when the focus was on education not fashion *rolleyes* don't even get me started!

We got a new kettle yesterday and I just love it!! $40 at K-Mart. And I found a new coffee and it's simply amazing! Vanilla Moccona NOMNOMNOM!!!
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there is a bit more to go here but I will do it later - off to have coffee with my mama :)

My very own Pinstrosity!

I found this blog Pinstrosity On Pinterest funnily enough. And haven't laughed so much for a while! And then I realised, I had my own Pinstrosity. Unfortunately I can't find the original Pin though, It has been removed... But anyways, it was a video of two girls cutting a bottle to make a drinking glass using just string, nail polish remover and lighting it up, then plunging it into cold water VOILA! Then obviously you need to sand the sharp edges etc. OK I can do this I thought... yeh right! I will admit I was too impatient to wait to get the remover - I didn't have any, and now that I have I haven't tried it... and probably won't either!  Later in this post you'll fin out why. But because we didn't have nail polish remover I used kerosene... that burns hot but slow right? hmmm....
Here was our very first attempt...

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 that's tops!! BAHAHAHAAAA
ok try again...and again... and again...
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So then I found another video of an old man who uses a jig to score a line on glass then heats over a candle then uses ice to crack the glass along the score line. OK I can definitely do this!!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Yay! success!! LOL.
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 Jut a shame I wasted so many Corona bottles on the stupid string thing!! We don't drink beer often so I need to tell my friends that do drink it to save me some bottles! The green bottle was a wine bottle, and my partner reckons it feels like drinking out of a jam jar haha so maybe that will live it's life as a small vase LOL

I will make a new post for my other recent goings on.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gnome doors!!!

Just a very quick one today.

I have been sanding, painting and re-sanding pieces of old pallets to make signs. LOVE the yellow and blue together! Then I made a stencil by printing the letters (actually, BUSH on one A4 sheet and WALK on another, was sufficient sizing) stuck it (with stupid glue that either sticks permanently or not at all! Grrr I couldn't find the glue that has a 'temporary' stick option :( *sigh* ) not to worry - then sprayed on the black spray paint! Am so so happy with the result! Not a very bushy colour - more like a beachy one BUT I care not!! I have four more signs waiting to have words painted on them, we will put these up through the bush along the pathways... and maybe pointing to the gnome homes...

I built a door!!!

Ain't it cute?! This is what I used for the handle...
Remember the cabinet that was broken, and I took all those beautiful hinges off the broken doors?? well I KNEW I could use them somehow!!! LOL

I am excited for this weekend, when I build the gardens surrounding the trees. Plural, yes... because I found this too, and have seen online (apologies I do not remember where exactly, but I searched for 'gnome homes' and saw it - it's a no brainer - glue on a draw handle (or small door handle) and hang a name sign, or nail on some gold letter box numbers!! so cute!!
I started a fairy garden a while ago also but haven't taken any recent photos yet ...
So that's it for now :)
Take care!! Have fun!!

EDITED to add a better photo of the Dolfroli's door (that was a name generator name we chose LOL)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Productive time behind the house

What a great day :)

First my boys went to play in the bush! HURRAH!! Really happy with that. All they have wanted to do was sit inside playing Halo UGH!! NO!  We have ten acres - go! explore! watch out for snakes! :-/ Yep - they will be coming out now it's getting warmer.

 They have already actually! a couple of weeks ago I nearly stood on this little fella. EEK!! Muz came and picked it up and put it in the garden out further away from the house.... we assumed because it was yellow underneath and greenish on top that it was just a tree snake. Well I showed the photo to my boss (who also lives in a bushy area) and she said it was a Whip snake (they have a family of them on their property) O_O a what now??? LOL. Aren't they poisonous?? Well yes - they can do a great deal of damage to pets and children. Adults can deal with a bite a bit better. Still an 'eek' moment haha.

I woke early this morning - I went to bed early because I was ill yesterday :( yea yea poor me. Would rather have been at work but what are ya gonna do? Didn't wanna spread it to everyone!
I decided to get into sorting out a new look for the other area out behind the house... this was part of the progress (had some tidying to do on the pavers)... see, i was sick of stepping over the garden (because I was too lazy to go around most of the time! *sigh*) so I decided to take out some of the stone edging, and re-arrange it and add some recycled road stuff to make a path!! problem solved!
And I made a little here too. Where the hammock is used to be a fully fenced area for the dogs (if you have seen my blog since last year You would have seen our puppy in the cage not looking so impressed!) I didn't take before photos (typical!) but it was full of weeds!! CACK!!
The hammock is a much better look ;)
 So now this is more what it looks like...

We have also done more in the BBQ area to make it nicer for this summer  Bring on the good times!!
This time last year we had a small wading pool so we couldn't really sit out here and enjoy the view...

Muz made a lovely dinner - chicken schnitzel, bacon and egg MMMM yummo!!!
Teamed with a nice glass of Jim Beam and coke in my newly made Corona glass!!
Yep - I have discovered yet another craft - glass cutting!!! I am going to blog a seperate entry for this because I am going to send it in to Pinstrosity ... should be good for a laugh!! This blog is HILARIOUS and just about as addictive as Pinterest itself! Check it out!

One more photo for today. This little guy was in our driveway when I left for work on Thursday morning and I had to take a pic - so cute!
Have a great weekend - till next time!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Lookie - Paper wasp nest!!

Well it's been about a week - my apologies for not updating :/
I have nothing really exciting craft wise to sahre but a bush find that I thought was amazing!!

Now, I had seen this 'thing' that I thought was a piece of old wood. I'd seen it everyday for the past few months and thought everytime 'I really have to get that out of there and put it in the garden' it looked really lovely! But when I finally went to get it today, I found it was light as a feather!! WHAT THE?!

this is what is looked like all over...

See? Just like a piece of wood 'scuse my unenthusiastic face LOL my ten yearold son was taking the photo with my phone ;) 

I pulled some of the 'paper' off the other side and revealed something amazing...
WOW!!! Despite my face, I was excited! LOL
I took a close up, and decided it must be bees... I mean bees make the perfect hexagonal shape right??
But apparently so do paper wasps! So that's my share for the day.

Have a good one! till next time!