Sunday, 23 September 2012

My very own Pinstrosity!

I found this blog Pinstrosity On Pinterest funnily enough. And haven't laughed so much for a while! And then I realised, I had my own Pinstrosity. Unfortunately I can't find the original Pin though, It has been removed... But anyways, it was a video of two girls cutting a bottle to make a drinking glass using just string, nail polish remover and lighting it up, then plunging it into cold water VOILA! Then obviously you need to sand the sharp edges etc. OK I can do this I thought... yeh right! I will admit I was too impatient to wait to get the remover - I didn't have any, and now that I have I haven't tried it... and probably won't either!  Later in this post you'll fin out why. But because we didn't have nail polish remover I used kerosene... that burns hot but slow right? hmmm....
Here was our very first attempt...

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 that's tops!! BAHAHAHAAAA
ok try again...and again... and again...
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So then I found another video of an old man who uses a jig to score a line on glass then heats over a candle then uses ice to crack the glass along the score line. OK I can definitely do this!!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Yay! success!! LOL.
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 Jut a shame I wasted so many Corona bottles on the stupid string thing!! We don't drink beer often so I need to tell my friends that do drink it to save me some bottles! The green bottle was a wine bottle, and my partner reckons it feels like drinking out of a jam jar haha so maybe that will live it's life as a small vase LOL

I will make a new post for my other recent goings on.

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