Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm leaving, on a jet plane!

But I know I'll be gone a whole four weeks! I will be without my gorgeous partner and children too :( I am having all kinds of feelings, since I found out (last MONDAY!!) that I am going to Finland.
See, my dear grandmother, which I called Mummu (my father's mother) had been ill for a few years and without going into any detail here, she passed away a week and a half ago, at the age of 89. My dad has hurt his back recently and can't travel (or is that an excuse??) so he is sending my brother and me over there for the funeral. Neither of us were really excited about that at first... because, you see, we can't stand each other I don't really get along with my brother. It's not a hate thing - more of a we are just way too different, and oh well that's life. We can be civil even though deep down I wish I could rip him a new one we wish were could be anywhere but in each others  company at the time.  Dad's 'last ditch effort' to get us to 'kiss and make up' so to speak. hahaha yea. we'll either come back best mates or worse than ever. Either way I am not going to over react about it.

I have to say I feel a certain level of guilt that I am going away for soooooo long without all my babies. I wish they could all come! But I have been told to embrace the excitement, the other feeling that is pushing through. EVERYONE I am related to lives there (or rests there) in Finland, so we kind of need four weeks to have time to visit as many family members as possible. I cannot drive over there, and my brother hopefully will be able to hack driving on the cold wet slippery roads!!

I will be taking lots of photos and if I am able to I will update my blog. Otherwise... SEE Y'ALL IN ABOUT FOUR WEEKS

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